Naruto contradicts his ending with a blunder in the Sasuke series

This inconsistency in the Sasuke series puzzles fans by contradicting the ending of the Naruto anime.

An error in the latest chapter of Sasuke’s Story contradicts the ending of the Naruto anime.

The story of Naruto has greatly captivated many people fans of both anime and manga. The popularity of the story of Naruto Uzumaki is such that a continuation has been made, but this time from the perspective of Naruto’s children and his companions, entitled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

It should also be noted that in addition to this series, Naruto has two spin-offs: Naruto: Konoha’s Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls Y Naruto: Sasuke Retsudenalso called “Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha And The Heavenly Starlight” (“The story of Sasuke – The Uchiha and the heavenly star” in Spanish).

This latest spin-off has recently started airing as part of the Boruto anime, revealing certain details that contradict the ending of the Naruto anime. Below we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode #282.

The Sasuke series has contradicted the ending of the Naruto anime

This big mistake in Sasuke Retsuden contradicts the ending of Naruto

This big mistake in Sasuke Retsuden contradicts the ending of Naruto

Sasuke’s story takes place a few years after the end of the original series.but before the events that are related in the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Naruto has finally fulfilled his dream of being the seventh Hokage, while Sasuke, his eternal friend/enemy, has decided play the role of “shadow Hokage”being his right hand and constant support.

The manga was quite well received by fans, causing the anime of Sasuke’s story to be quickly announced, which airs in the boruto anime since January 8 of this year 2023.

In this story, Naruto is affected by a serious and mysterious illness, Sasuke prepares to travel to the distant land of Redakuto investigate the footsteps of the Sage of the Six Paths, who at some point was also affected by this disease.

In it episode #282 of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sasuke has already successfully infiltrated the Tartar Observatory., a maximum security prison where you will find the clues of how the Sage of the Six Paths managed to cure his mysterious illness. While he is there, some prisoners confront him, challenging him to a fight.

As expected, these prisoners are quickly killed by Sasuke, and after this, in a few frames it can be seen that Sasuke possesses both armswhich left fans quite baffled.

Sasuke with both arms in the Tartar Observatory

Sasuke with both arms in the Tartar Observatory

The fact that Sasuke has both arms is a complete inconsistency, due to the fact that both Sasuke and Naruto have lost an arm at the end of the Naruto anime (in Sasuke’s case it was the left arm).

While some fans simply saw this bug as a simple oversight in the chapter’s animation, other people have used this as an excuse to give many more criticisms to the story of Borutowhich has been quite repudiated for quite some time.

This error is not that significant, since it can be seen for a very short time, but the truth is that the loss of Sasuke’s arm has quite a significant valuebecause Sasuke has decided not to use a prosthetic, as it symbolizes Sasuke’s desire to atone for his past sins against Konoha.

Also, it should be noted that the scene of Sasuke and Naruto lying on the ground, bloodied and without an arm, after the final battle, is perhaps one of the most significant and iconic scenes of the series.

Sasuke and Naruto without their arms after the final battle in the Valley of the End

Sasuke and Naruto without their arms after the final battle in the Valley of the End

The blood that runs from his arms joins together, reflecting the broken fingers of the destroyed statues of hashirama and Madara joining in the shinobi’s Seal of Reconciliation, also symbolizing the rapprochement of the two friends and the end of the Uchiha’s cycle of hatred.

although this could be construed as some kind of plot holethis may not be more than a simple mistake in the animation and production of the chapterwhich may be due to the pressure of making a weekly chapter.