Naruto: Cosplay brings Kakashi Hatake back into ANBU

Years have passed since the series of Naruto ended and gave way to the new generation of ninjas, many original characters continue to appear, but nothing like forgetting one of the warriors who has done almost everything within the Hidden Leaf Village, Kakashi Hatake.

fans of the series Masahi Kishimoto You will know that during the youth of this intelligent ninja he was a soldier to a teacher and leader at some point in history, but he was also within one of the special organizations of the village, ANBU and a cosplayer brought back that time of the character.

Kakashi a member of ANBU

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Shima_cosplay shared an amazing version of Kakashi in his ANBU special agent days and no doubt fans have been satisfied with the amazing piece made by the artist because of how great it looks.

Source: Instagram @shima_cosplay

As you can see, Kakashi is in a snowy region, but the weather does not stop him, while it can be seen that the incident with Obito Uchiha had not yet occurred, that is, he only covers his face with a piece of cloth, as well as wears a red scarf and part of the uniform of this organization.

A dark pants with a kind of gray vest, as well as a part of protection on his forearms with special gloves, in addition to carrying the band of the Leaf Village and the special mask to hide his identity.

It is a fact that you have been entrusted with a special and somewhat dangerous mission, but we know that Kakashi He is an exceptional ninja with great potential, so this mission could end in a 2 for 3 without problem. Something that he has highlighted since the beginning of Naruto. what did you think of this cosplay kakashi’s Naruto?


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