Naruto Cosplay Brings The Entire Uzumaki Family Together

Naruto has come a long way since his early childhood, considered an outcast among the citizens of the Hidden Leaf Village thanks to the Nine-Tailed Fox living inside himself. Now acting as the village’s seventh Hokage, Naruto has a new family to look out for, settling down with Hinata and having two children, one of whom, Boruto, carries the torch for the series itself, while a family of cosplayers brings the Uzumaki Clan to life.

In the latest anime and manga adventures, the Uzumaki clan welcomed a new member to Kawaki, the former member of the Kara organization who was preparing to become Isshiki’s vessel, aka Kara’s leader, Jigen . With Jigen’s death sending ripples through the ninja world, the anime series recently saw Kawaki become an official member of Konoha while being warmly welcomed by Naruto’s family into the fold. Within the pages of the manga, the Uzumaki family is reeling from a major loss that has just occurred, which is sure to send shockwaves through Konoha once the news becomes known to the general public.

Instagram cosplayers Mikan Pack have shared a new take on the Uzumaki family, with Naruto and Hinata as heads of the family and a much younger version of Boruto, as Konoha’s story continues in the created Shonen franchise by Masashi Kishimoto:

Within the pages of the manga, Jigen is dead but the Kara organization lives on, with Isshiki Code’s protege taking the reins of the rogue ninja collective. Assembling new comrades-in-arms, including Eida and Daemon, Kara’s new leader seeks revenge, not only seeking to achieve the goals of the celestial ninjas known as Otsutsuki, but also seeking revenge for the loss of his mentor. It might be a while before the anime series gets back on the same track as the manga, but in the meantime, it looks like there will be plenty on Team 7’s plate.

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