Naruto Cosplay Gives Sakura Haruno A Schoolgirl Turn

naruto might be all about the ninjas, but the anime wasn’t afraid to mess with the AUs when it got the chance. Over its lifetime, the main series has toyed with alternate worlds and realities with its openings. Of course, his endings did much the same, and one of his most popular AUs was born when naruto immersed in a slice-of-life high school tale. And now a fan is going viral for giving his own take on sweet AU.

The piece is from an Instagram user shiza_kage as you can see here. The cosplayer, who also goes by Viktoria, won followers over with his take on Sakura Haruno this week. They chose to imagine the heroine as part of naruto‘s high school AU, and it’s pretty much perfect.

As you can see, Sakura’s short pink hair is gorgeous, and shiza_kage paired the style with a red headband. Of course, the heroine wears a simple school uniform that Japanese high schools often require. The pink and white shirt has long sleeves and a pretty bow centered on the chest. And of course, the top pairs with a light pink skirt that matches Sakura’s hair exactly.

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In several of these snaps, Sakura is joined by another familiar face, and this one doesn’t appear much in naruto‘s AU High School. Kakashi joined the program and he still wears his headband even though he is in the modern era. His usual mask has been covered with a black mask that wraps around his ears. Complete with a black ensemble, Kakashi looks like a well-dressed substitute teacher in this photo. But given his job, well – we can only hope he left Icha Icha Paradise at home.

What do you think of this version of Sakura Haruno? Do you think naruto should have explored his AU high school somehow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.