Naruto Cosplay Hilariously Highlights Boruto’s Worst Face Yet

A surprising Boruto: Naruto Next Generations vsosplay revives Boruto Uzumaki’s infamously worst face in anime yet! As the manga continues to go through its first major arc following the events of Isshiki Otsutsuki’s invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village, the anime has had time to buy time to allow the manga to flesh out its story enough to a full adjustment. Boruto and the others were therefore challenged with a surprising new mission that resulted in the deaths of some of their loved ones, as they had to go through very difficult emotional states.

But even though Boruto lost an important friend during the anime’s intense new arc (which Boruto is still battling until the final episodes), one thing that fans quickly got stuck on was a very unhappy face Boruto had. done upon discovering his friend had been killed. The particular episode that happened had some of the most notable animation hiccups that fans had debated, and this crying face was featured as the prime example. Now it lives on in a brand new meme created by artist Low Cost Cosplay on Instagram! You can check it below:

It’s hard to gauge how long the current arc of the series will last given that it’s a completely original mission made specifically for the anime, but it looks like it could reach its climax soon enough. . The characters fell in the heat of the moment, and Boruto and the others made some significant moves against the enemy this time around. This might be tough for the particular stakes as one of the main characters has to go to the anime’s next manga arc, but it’s far from safe for any of the supporting characters introduced in the meantime.

It’s also unclear how long these original anime arcs will last, as it took a long time before the anime even launched Kawaki’s arc, and after a year of episodes after that, it’s okay being quite a while before the monthly release of the manga series provides enough new material for the anime to fit into full production. But what do you think? How do you like the latest episodes of Boruto? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments!