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There have long been rumors that content related to Naruto will come to Fortnite. All due to the mention of this franchise in some of the documents that Epic Games filed in court due to his lawsuit before Apple.

After that occasion, more than one informant assured that in truth something related to the series will reach this Battle Royale. Nothing ended up coming to fruition, but it is possible that this collaboration is on the way.

There are some indications of this collaboration in Fortnite

That according to some data miners or data miners. What happens is that a series of references have been found in a NPC (Non-Playable Character) by Fortnite that could be related to the adventures of the young Uzumaki.

They are related to the bandana that he is wearing, which is something very characteristic in manga and anime. In real life it is one of the most popular items. Who shared the information was HYPEX via Twitter.

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This data miner got down to examining the latest update of Fortnite and found a NPC referenced in this. A mention of ‘Headband’, what makes you think is related to Naruto.

The character’s full name is HeadbandK, and think that the ‘K’ could be related to Kurama, the also called Nine tails fox. Of course, this falls into the realm of speculation, but there could be some truth behind it all.

Naruto could soon have his collaboration with Fortnite

Naruto could soon have his collaboration with Fortnite

Naruto continues to maintain its great popularity

As such, the series created by Masashi Kishimoto it is very popular in the West. Although the manga and anime are over, his spirit lives on with his successor, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

So it is not at all unusual that Epic Games seek a collaboration with the franchise. There are also rumors about one related to Dragon Ball, but at the moment there is not even a hint in the game. If he gets to be sure, it will be later.

The constant updating of content is one of the attractions of Fortnite. Although the team behind it adds a lot of original content, collaborations are a way to get players’ attention.

So far he has had several with many franchises, such as those based on comic books from Marvel and DC Comics. Likewise, with movies and even series, or real life personalities. But never with a popular manga or anime.