Naruto: Could you have predicted what was going to happen? 10 Incredible Moments From The Series

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THEs best long-running anime are packed with twists and turns that keep viewers hooked, and Naruto is no exception. The universe of Naruto seems simple on the surface, but it’s filled with secrets, from the origins of the demon hosts to the connection between Jiraiya and the Akatsuki leader.

Of Many Naruto Characters Are Not What They Seem, and that’s especially true when it comes to the series’ villains. The world of shinobi is deeply complex and many characters strongly believe in their goals, whether villains or heroes. These complex characters and these hidden objectives are behind some of Naruto’s most surprising twists.

Kabuto is Orochimaru’s spy

When Kabuto first appears in Naruto, he takes the Chunin Exams with his team, just like Naruto and the others. He mentors Team Seven before and during exams, their providing a wealth of useful information through its ninja fact sheets and helping them navigate the forest of death.

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In reality, Kabuto only helps Team Seven to get information about them to report to Orochimaru. He abandons the tournament and passes on to Orochimaru everything he has learned, thus giving him knowledge valuable to use against Konoha when crushing the village and bringing it closer to its ultimate goal: to use Sasuke Uchiha as its next body.

Other Jinchuriki (hosts) exist

THE nine-tailed fox is originally the only tailed beast in the Naruto universe. It’s not until Gaara is introduced that fans learn of Shukaku the Uni-Tail’s existence, but even then, it feels like Naruto and Gaara are having an internal struggle that is entirely their own. Also, it’s not explicitly stated that both Kurama and Shukaku are Tailed Beasts.

Only in Naruto Shippuden, where the Akatsuki reveal their goal of extracting the Jinchuriki from their hosts to wield unstoppable power, let fans learn that there are a total of nine Tailed Beasts. Later, it is also revealed that all Jinchuriki originated from a 10-demon, which was split into nine separate beings in order to prevent anyone from harnessing its full power.

Orochimaru’s past

orochimaru ninja konoha

Orochimaru is Naruto’s first recurring antagonist, although not much is known of his origins initially. It is eventually revealed that not only is Orochimaru from Konoha Village, but that he trains under the guidance of the Third Hokage himself, alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade. The three ninjas grow together and Orochimaru even fights for Konoha alongside his teammates in the Second Great Ninja War.

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Over time, all three achieve Legendary Sannin status, but Orochimaru’s teammates notice the darkness within him early on. As Orochimaru obsesses over his own mortality and tries to escape it, he decides to learn all the jutsu in the world. As a result, he becomes increasingly twisted, performing inhumane experiments on other people, even children.

Sasuke wants to take control of Konoha

kakashi versus sasuke

After deserting Team 7, Sasuke spends most of Naruto as an antagonist. Only after learning the truth, both of his older brother Itachi and Obito, that he is able to fight for Konoha rather than against her. As if this turnaround wasn’t shocking enough, Sasuke also announces that he wants to become Hokage, just like Naruto. His intentions, however, are not so pure. Instead of seeing it as a position of ultimate recognition, Sasuke’s desire to become Hokage stems from his desire to reform the village.

After defeating Kaguya, Sasuke traps the Tailed Beasts in genjutsu using his Rinnegan. He declares that he will use their power to bring about a revolution in the shinobi world, and that once he does, he will kill them. Sasuke does not understand his brother’s message at all, luckily he gives up on this goal after his fight against Naruto. Nonetheless, Sasuke surprises everyone with this selfish gesture, especially since it comes right after the Tailed Beasts are finally freed, and it seems like all the fighting is over.

The Origins of Kakashi’s Sharingan

naruto kakashi sharingan source

During the Land of Waves arc, Kakashi reveals and uses his Sharingan against Zabuza in order to keep the members of Team Seven safe., who have just graduated. During the first reveal, Sasuke wonders if Kakashi might have ties to the Uchiha clan, as no other ninja should have access to their Kekkei Genkai.

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The truth is much more heartbreaking: Kakashi receives his Sharingan from his childhood friend Obito Uchiha as he tries to save his teammate Rin during a mission. Half of Obito’s body is crushed by a falling boulder and, seemingly having no way to make it out alive, Obito gives his remaining eye to Kakashi as a parting gift.

Naruto’s Parents

naruto minato kushina parents

Naruto’s parents give their lives to protect their son and their village from the attack of the Nine Tails. In their final moments, they seal the spirit of the Nine-Tails inside Naruto., who will spend most of his life ignoring this sacrifice. Fans often speculate about the true identity of Naruto’s parents, and the episodes “The Fourth Hokage” and “An Orange Spark” reveal that they are Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki respectively.

When Naruto attempts to remove the Nine-Tails Seal to gain power during his fight against Pain, his father appears to stop him. Later, when Naruto is training with Killer Bee before the Fourth Great Ninja War, he meets his mother while trying to control the Nine Tails’ chakra. Minato and Kushina embed their chakra into the seal so they can help Naruto one day if he needs it, which allows him to meet them. Most fans believed that Naruto came from greatness, and when fans find out that Naruto is the son of a Hokage and a famous member of the Uchiha, it’s always an exciting surprise..

Pain was Jiraiya’s student

jiraiya bread children

There True identity and backstory of each member of Akatsuki is revealed sporadically throughout Naruto Shippuden. However, information about its mysterious leader, Pain, remains scarce. This is the case until the Jiraiya arc, which sees the legendary Sannin come face to face with the feared leader of the Akatsuki. While a fight between these two characters would have been unforgettable without any twists and turns, Jiriaya realizes during this fight that Pain is Nagato, his former student.

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During the Second Great Ninja War, Jiraiya took pity on three orphans – Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan – in the Rain Hidden Village. Their village served as neutral territory for warring countries so they wouldn’t use their own land to fight. In order to increase their chances of survival, Jiraiya stays with them and teaches them the craft of shinobi. When he deems them strong enough to survive on their own, he separates himself from them. Jiraiya is shocked when he puts the pieces of the puzzle together, and he asks his former student to explain to him why he became such a fearsome villain.

Tobi is actually Obito Uchiha

obito uchiha tobi

Tobi was a funny, goofy, goofy Akatsuki member. Many fans thought he didn’t belong to the Akatsuki or was a secret power. The latter of these two theories turned out to be true, but fans were still unprepared for what Tobi really was. During the Fourth Shinobi War, fans discover that Tobi is Obito Uchiha. Obito is saved by Madara Uchiha and survives his tragic accident. After Obito witnesses Rin’s death, Madara is able to influence Obito. He changes his perception and convinces him that the only way to achieve real peace is to force people to accept it through violence.

Obito longed for a world where he was reunited with Rin, even if it meant trapping the world in genjutsu through the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Obito has committed terrible crimes, including unleashing the Nine Tails on Konoha, which resulted in the deaths of countless people, including Naruto’s parents. Tobi’s true identity is a controversial intrigue within the Naruto fandom. While some find her interesting, others think she’s random and spoils one of the series’ most emotional and profound flashbacks. Either way, viewers can’t deny they didn’t see it coming.

Itachi’s True Intentions

itachi uchiha defend konoha

Itachi is one of Naruto’s most infamous villains, and he’s apparently responsible for slaughtering the Uchiha for the sole reason of stoking Sasuke’s hatred of him. In reality, Itachi was ordered to kill his clan to prevent him from attempting a coup against Konoha Village. Although Itachi chooses peace and sides with Konoha against his clan, the Third Hokage, the village elders, and Danzo encourage him to assassinate the Uchiha clan. Itachi had been following orders from the start.

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Itachi was just following orders, and his only condition was that his younger brother live and never learn the truth about what happened. Itachi saves both his younger brother and the village, but makes an enemy in the process. He remained loyal to Konoha even as a fake rebel ninja – he provided Konoha’s rulers with information about the Akatsuki while posing as a loyal member. He ends up apologizing to Sasuke just before he dies, though Sasuke doesn’t fully understand at this point. The truth about his role in Naruto is revealed in the episode “Truth”, when Obito explains everything to Sasuke.

The existence of Kaguya Otsutsuki

kaguya otsutsuki naruto shippuden

All Naruto’s major twists aren’t positive, the existence of Kaguya is a great example of this. For almost all of Naruto, Madara is presented as the series’ ultimate villain, and then that preparation is marred by Madara’s sidelining. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces learn that Kaguya orchestrated all of the story’s events through Black Zetsu.which turned out to be the physical manifestation of his will.

Compared to how Madara is integrated into nearly every aspect of Naruto’s plot, Kaguya’s appearance seems to come out of nowhere. She plays a pivotal role not only as Naruto’s antagonist, but also as the universe’s first chakra master., but she did not benefit from any preparation worthy of the name. The fact that everything Naruto fans witness, from the First Shinobi War to the attack on the Nine Tails to the Akatsuki, is part of Kaguya’s plan is hugely disappointing and fans still haven’t gotten over it. of this frustrating plot twist.