Naruto creator celebrates tennis player Naomi Osaka with great art

When it comes to professional sports, there are few athletes who compare themselves to Naomi Osaka. The young woman is one of the greatest tennis players in the world, and her recent work has highlighted mental health in a big way. Now, it turns out that the creator of Naruto took the time to honor Osaka with a special portrait.

The work became public after Osaka’s time in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He may not have won medals at any tennis event this time, but Osaka’s time on the court is far from over.

Masashi Kishimoto made it clear that she admires Naomi Osaka, as her sketch showed the Japanese tennis player alongside Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki. The art also shared it Naomi Osaka on her Instagram account and it just brought a lot of nostalgia.

Masashi Kishimoto dibuja a Naomi Osaka

Dibujo de Naomi Osaka por Masashi Kishimoto

Kishimoto’s sketch, which can be found above, showed Osaka with his own ninja gear. Konoha’s outfit put the Japanese tennis player in an orange suit with a zipper in the center. A matching headband completed the look, and Osaka looks gorgeous with ombré tips in this piece.

Of course she’s high back to back with Sakura Haruno, and the doctor looks great in this shot with the stamp on her forehead. Sakura wears her usual pink blouse that Osaka is based on, and the girls are almost twins with their bands.

And of course, the blonde protagonist in the back can be seen with a giant grin as he transforms into the girls’ biggest fan. The Truth News previously shared the meaning of their names in anime.

How to see Naruto?

You can watch the original series, Shippuden and sequel Boruto by Masashi Kishimoto from the app Crunchyroll. We remind you that you can read the manga from VIZ Media or the digital library MANGA More de Shueisha.

You don’t see a Kishimoto artwork every day for someone, and it’s rarer to see it posted online. Now, netizens are asking Naomi Osaka to get her own cameo in the anime de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. And if that doesn’t happen, well, the Seventh Hokage is the one missing out.

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