Naruto, Death Note, Shaman King… manga prices will increase in France

The sun is back, summer is approaching and… our growing happiness has just eaten a mega air conditioner in the face. While we found the taste of being happy by tasting our first real ice cream of the year, Kana has just announced the worst news: we will soon have to make a choice between a three pistachio-coconut-vanilla scoop and a manga.

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The price of manga increases at Kana

The publishing house has just formalized the information on its site, a new fee schedule will be implemented from July 1, 2022. In other words ? Prepare your banker psychologically, our passion for reading will soon cost us more: “As you can see, we are talking about an increase ranging from 5 to 50 euro cents depending on the collections.“, announces Kana.

Also, we will have to pay 6.95€ compared to €6.85 previously for licenses like Assassination Classroom, Blue Spring Ride, Naruto. Likewise, Shaman King Where slam dunk will go from €9.90 to 9.95€while the Death note Black Edition will now be sold at the price of 12,90€ where it was at €12.70, and the brand new Naruto Hokage Edition will be offered at the price of 15,50€ against 15€ so far. (See full grid here).

The reason for such a development? Following the health crisis in particular, production costs have simply increased by 25% in recent months, whether due to a shortage of paper or cardboard, and a rise in energy prices or even printing and transport. Moreover, as the publishing house reminds us, where competing houses such as Panini, Pika or even Delcourt had already yielded to this need, it for its part resisted for a long time the need for such an increase for the good of readers,”It’s been almost 10 years since we last raised our prices at Kana“. What thus to understand that this situation has therefore become untenable for her and this inevitable revolution.

Good news for our shelves which will crack less quickly than expected, less good news for our wallet.