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Fans of Naruto They have already accustomed us to surprise with all kinds of works and representations that seek to pay a small tribute to the main characters of the series, however, few have impacted us as much as the next fanart which gives Itachi Uchiha a hyper-realistic appearance.

The work is carried out by the CGSociety artist known as Vishwesh Taskar, who has presented an impressive digital art where we can see the murderer of the Uchiha clan with the most humanized features, removing all the animation elements to make it ready for a version live-action of the series.

It is amazing how the most representative characteristics of Itachi have been neatly captured within this fanart, like his band of renegade ninja, his robe that credits him as one of the members of the Akatsuki organization, and of course, his reddish eyes as one of the most prominent users of the powerful Sharingan.

As if this were not enough, the artist presents us with a second realistic version of Itachi, only this time with a typical Japanese hat, in a recreation that reminds us of the character’s first appearance in the series created by Masashi Kishimoto, just when the Uchiha appears in Konoha with Kisame after Orochimaru’s attacks, all to make sure that Sasuke will be fine, although of course, at that time we did not know.

The truth is that this type of work continues to reaffirm that Itachi remains one of the fan favorites of manga and anime. Naruto, and that his figure continues to impact all those who grew up watching the series of the most powerful and beloved shinobi and kunoichi in the industry.

What did you think of this fanart from Naruto What gives Itachi Uchiha a hyper-realistic appearance?

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