Naruto drastically changes the origin of its protagonist

Naruto’s initial pilot manga changes Naruto’s relationship with Kurama quite a bit.

One of the best parts of Naruto, a manga created by Masashi Kishimoto, has been the growth of the bond between the protagonist and the nine-tailed demon fox, Kurama. At the beginning of the series, Kurama appears as a malicious entity bent on chaos, destruction, and hatred, but Naruto manages to soften him down. and, in this way, the two become inseparable companions. However, the relationship between them is totally different in the original one-shot of the series.

The Naruto pilot was published in 1997 in Akamaru Jump, an offshoot of Shonen Jump that focuses precisely on spreading one-shots. This take on the series is completely different from the story and world that fans have known, but it addresses a lot of the ninja themes that are present. So the series went through many revisions before becoming what it is today.

Originally, Naruto was not a ninja, but the son of the fox spirit that attacked the village of Mount Oinari.. And in this story, the village chief is the only survivor of the attack. After killing the spirit, the chief takes pity on Naruto and raises him in the village in hopes that he will grow up less destructive than his father. In order to go unnoticed by the rest of the village, Naruto makes his life as an ordinary human boy looking for a friend, and at the end of the pilot his true form as a fox spirit is revealed.

As you can see in the above image, this is the first fox form that Naruto adoptsand is something very different from any of the main series forms. It is a childish fox with nine tails. At first it’s hard to imagine him as the son of a fox spirit, but this early portrayal really makes that idea sound appealing. Naruto, unlike his father, who used his fox powers to harm and kill, uses them to stop the villain and bring him to justice, thus proving that the boss did the right thing by taking Naruto in and raise it.

It’s interesting to think what Naruto’s fate would have been if Kishimoto had gone with his original idea. Even if he had made it to the current series, the fact that Kurama was Naruto’s father would have made things very different for the plot. Despite being short, this forgotten one-shot had some memorable moments, and touched on themes and ideas that would later be expanded upon in the actual series.

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