Naruto Edition Hokage: a lot of setbacks since their launch!

Naruto Edition Hokage: a lot of setbacks since their launch!

Originally scheduled for March 18, 2022the first two volumes of the Hokage edition of naruto only finally arrived may’s beginning. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned since the second volume had an editing defect (two duplicate pages). It was therefore reissued by Kana recently. Nevertheless, many fans of the original saga realized that the promised super quality paper was not so beautiful. Kana explains about it on its website.

A new paper from November and reissues planned

On his site, Kana apologizes for the lower quality paper than expected. Indeed, the publisher promised us a beautiful, thick white paper for this reissue of naruto. Upon arrival, many were disappointed because it turns out that the pages are quite gray or even transparent. For a prestige edition, perfectIt is not possible…

Naruto - Hokage Edition

Kana announces that he has found a new paper for the Hokage edition of naruto. He will be used from volume 5 which is now postponed to November 10, 2022, just like volume 6 to December 9. The publisher promises us a release as announced for the other volumes, that is to say a new volume every month.

It is also planned that volumes 1 to 4 be reissued as soon as possible with this new paper.

Kana’s message

We would like to point out that the paper we had chosen had been selected for its quality and in particular for its density, 30% higher compared to the paper of classic shonen titles, which should have guaranteed its opacity.

That being said, “luxury” paper or not, the final result did not meet expectations, in particular because when used in press, a process that “crushes” the paper in the press, the result was more transparent than expected.

Although we very quickly took this problem to heart and looked for solutions to remedy it, the current context and the difficulty of ordering over-quota paper did not help. It took us some time to get concrete answers and reorganize the printing schedule accordingly.

You have seen it for some time through the schedule adjustments of many publishers throughout the book sector, the current conditions of the book market are complicated, and everything must be carefully anticipated close to 6 to 8 months.

Going back to Naruto Hokage, the major difficulty regarding the paper was the quantity. Indeed, it is necessary to print the first editions (several tens of thousands of copies) but also to be able to reprint the volumes afterwards. And the more the series progresses, the more the quantity of reprints increases, requiring a huge stock of paper, something relatively simple before but complicated today.

As announced above, this change of paper has finally been completed. See you on November 10, 2022 with volume 5 ! Concerning volumes 1 to 4, they will be reprinted with this new paper as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience,

Kana team. »