Naruto: Edo Tensei and 9 other ways to resurrect in the anime

No story can always be happy, sometimes bad things have to happen in a plot, like character deaths. Character deaths can be unavoidable, even in the most lighthearted anime, but luckily there are plenty of ways to resurrect endearing characters.

Despite how little that may make sense in reality, the anime has come up with some creative objects and techniques to raise the dead, but they don’t all get the same result. Death can be a normal part of life in the real world, but in these anime the same rule doesn’t apply, or at least is repeatedly ignored.

10 Gantz – Fail the hunt and wait for someone to hit 100

All thegantz characters have recently passed away, but are given the opportunity to fight their way back to the world of the living by killing strange alien creatures. This hunting game is based on a points system in which any hunter who scores 100 points can choose between three rewards: return to the living, a powerful weapon or revive another hunter. The hunter who does it well enough can bring back others who have died, which happens a few times throughout the manga.

9 Pokémon – The Power of a Good Crynaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 1

In Pokémon: The First Movie, fans meet the bioengineered Pokémon Mewtwo, who in a fit of rage tries to take over the world with an army of Pokémon clones. Ash and his friends are tricked into bringing Pikachu and the rest of his Pokémon straight to Mewtwo to be cloned. In the middle of a big fight between Mewtwo and the legendary Pokémon Mew, Ash is hit by the crossfire and turns to stone.

Pikachu tries to bring Ash back with his beam, but it is useless, Ash remains like a stone. The combat stops and all the Pokémon, both the originals and the clones, cry for Ash. It’s never really explained why it works, but the crying magically undoes the petrification and Ash returns.

8 Dr. Stone – A Scientific Way to Break Petrificationnaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 2

Themain premise of Dr. Stone is the massive stone petrification outbreak in the entire world. The main character, Senku, develops an infallible method to cure petrification: resuscitation fluid, a liquid substance that is used throughout the series. Although it is possible for the characters to free themselves, it largely depends on their remaining conscious and in contact with nitric acid.

Interestingly, if the petrified ones are broken into their stone form, they can be put back together without injury as long as all the pieces fit together perfectly. That, and having the resuscitation fluid handy.

7 Naruto – Orochimaru wore the Edo Tensei before it was fashionablenaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 3

Ninjutsu is capable of many things, that is a well known fact in the ninja world of Naruto., but a Konoha ninja decided to take this concept to dangerously dark levels. Orochimaru shocked his village when it was discovered that he was conducting experiments on humans, but ignored the moral implications with the goal of creating a new jutsu and perfecting the Edo Tensei of the second Hokage.

With this technique, one summons the dead by tying his soul to a living body, making that person the recipient of the risen dead. Orochimaru came close to perfecting this jutsu, bringing back the first and second hokage, but later, Edo Tensei is brought back on a much larger scale.

6 Naruto – The Selfless Side of Reincarnation Ninjutsunaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 4

Edo Tensei is not the only jutsu to revive the dead in Naruto. There is also the Celestial Life Samsara Technique, which can only be performed by someone with the Rinnegan. Nagato, acting under the alias of Pain, demonstrated the numerous abilities the Rinnegan possessed, especially the revive technique.

Unlike Edo Tensei, this revival jutsu does not require direct access to the soul of the deceased, but instead invokes the King of Hell to bring the souls back. The need for a sacrifice is still present, but instead of the summoner sacrificing another person, it is the summoner himself who will inevitably die.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist – Entering the dark side of alchemynaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 5

Alchemy can be used to create weapons and gold in Fullmetal AlchemistIt can even be used to fix something that is broken, but one thing it shouldn’t do is raise the dead. This metaphysical science is governed by the laws of the universe, which fall under the recurring principle of equivalent exchange, which means that“To obtain or create something, you must lose or destroy something of equal value“.

In theory, you can raise the dead. Many alchemists try it, with varying successes, but the stakes are so high with so little chance of success that it is classified as forbidden.

4 Dragon Ball – The mighty and predictable power of dragon ballsnaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 6

Dragon fighters Ball face many deadly opponents, so it is inevitable that a character will die at some point. Normally, this would be an emotionally shocking moment for the protagonists and the audience, but the effect becomes moot when the cosmic power of the magical dragon Shenron is only an adventure away.

The protagonists invoke Shenron by collecting the seven dragon balls and they do so several times throughout the series. Once they have Shenron, all they have to do is wish their fallen friend back from the dead.

3 Inuyasha – Wielding the Tenseiga and a compassionate heartnaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 7

Inuyasha’s Tenseiga sword It is long neglected by its owner, Sesshōmaru, due to its ability to bring human souls back from the underworld. Due to his hatred for humans, the true power of the sword is sealed and unusable, although Sesshōmaru is perfectly fine with that.

He has no desire to help humans until he meets a little boy who brings out his compassion, and it is only then that the power of the Tenseiga is unleashed. The ability to resurrect is only used once.

2 One Piece – Biting a second lifenaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 8

In the One Piece seriesThere are supernatural foods known as Devil Fruit scattered all over the world, each of which grants the consumer unique superhuman powers. One of them is the so-called Yomi Yomi No Mi, which brings the soul of the person back from the dead after their first death, with some small limitations in life.

The Straw Hat crew see this devil fruit in action with the character Brook, a walking and talking skeleton. Brook died and was brought back to life in his skeleton form, but returning to a normal flesh life is possible if he finds his body.

1 Fairy Tail – A long to-do list comes with the Tower of Heavennaruto edo tensei y otras 9 formas de resucitar en el anime 9

In every magical setting there is a dark side and Fairy Tail it is no exception to the rule. A cult of dark magicians built a powerful tower, called the “Tower of Heaven” or known as the “R System”, with the intention of being able to revive the dead. The magic item was considered forbidden, but still a tower was built over slavery and used for its resurrection purpose.

To bring the dead back with this tower, wizards need enough power to start it up, which means stealing a powerful weapon from the Magic Council to begin with, in addition to the sacrifice of a wizard who has enough power themselves.