Naruto Embraces His Most Emotional Breakdown Yet: Read

Naruto Uzumaki has been through a lot of pain in this life, but he comes out the other side every time. Regardless of what happens, the Seventh Tribute rises, but there’s not much our hero can take. There are blows too painful to survive, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just brought the ninja closer to that precipice with his final chapter.

The update went live today as Boruto chapter 67 is online. The long-awaited update checked in on Naruto moments after watching the unthinkable. The manga’s final chapter ended with Boruto ending his life with Kawaki’s help to stop Momoshiki from hurting Naruto. Even though the Hokage tried to stop the attack, it was too late and had to watch his first child die from afar.

This chapter picks up with Naruto in denial, and his emotional outburst will squeeze anyone’s emotions. After running to his son, Naruto is unable to fight as his will to live is repeatedly tested. Even Shikamaru can’t reach his friend once he’s freed from Code, and Nara’s leader admits he’s never seen Naruto so shaken.

“Shikamaru, am I dreaming about this,” Naruto asks as Kawaki continues his fight with Code around them. “It didn’t really happen, did it? Tell me this is all a lie!”

As you can imagine, Naruto has felt a lot of grief in his life and he has already said goodbye to his loved ones. From the Third Hokage to Jiraiya and Neji, the list of dead is long. Naruto mourned these losses, but nothing compares to the emotions fans can see here. The death of Naruto’s only son was enough to destroy the Hokage, but luckily his pain didn’t last long. In true shonen style, Boruto was revived with Momoshiki’s reluctant help, but all is not safe for the boy. The target on his back is bigger than ever, so Naruto could still easily lose his son.

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