Naruto Explains How Boruto Was Really Relaunched

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations made the organization Kara and the energy known as Karma essential parts of life for the next generation of ninja living in the Hidden Leaf Village. With the previous episode seemingly killing off one of the biggest shonen characters, it looks like Boruto got a second chance in the latest entry, with Masashi Kishimoto explaining how the Seventh’s son was able to survive and what this resurrection means for both. him and the war against Code and his allies.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 67 you might want to go back now as we are going to dive into spoiler territory.

When we last left Boruto in the previous episode, he had a giant hole in his chest thanks to Kawaki’s Karma returning, but he apparently came back to life in this final chapter thanks to his bond with the Otsutsuki. Needless to say, Naruto and Shikamaru weren’t taking the loss of Boruto very well and were beyond shocked to find that he was in fact healed from his terrifying injuries. As Boruto wonders how he was able to survive, Momoshiki appears in front of him and begins to explain how the Celestial Ninja not only saved his life, but fundamentally changed his DNA in the process:

“Part of your heart and lungs was destroyed and you lost a lot of blood. You would have died, of course, if I hadn’t intervened. I resurrected you, using part of karma. As you know, your Karma contains all of me in the form of data, compressed. About 82% had already been extracted and diffused into your body. My resurrection would finally become possible once the remaining 18% had completed extraction, but unfortunately not if my Ship itself had to be destroyed first. So I had no choice but to write that remaining 18% back to your data, so that the cells and tissues you lost could be made again.”

This shocking development means Momoshiki can no longer fully resurrect himself in Boruto’s body, while turning the Seventh’s son’s body into a “Full Otsutsuki”, meaning he can now be sacrificed to the Ten-Tails in the part of the Code plan. , making the battle against Kara much more interesting.

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