Naruto explains how the shocking moment starring Boruto has been possible

We too have been surprised by this twist in Boruto’s story!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has made the Kara Organization and the energy known as Karma important segments of life for the new generation of ninjas currently living in the Hidden Leaf Village. After the previous installment seemed to kill one of the most important characters in the entire manga, it seems that Boruto has been given a second chance in the last entrywith Masashi Kishimoto, the mangaka behind this incredible story, explaining how it was possible for the Seventh’s son to survive and what this resurrection means both for him and for the war against Code and his allies.

How did Boruto survive?

When we last saw Boruto in the previous installment, he had a giant hole in his chest due to the reappearance of Kawaki’s Karma, however apparently has come back to life in this last chapter thanks to his bond with the Otsutsuki. There is much to be said for this, especially since Naruto and Shikamaru did not take the loss of Boruto very well and were more than surprised to discover that he had actually healed from his mortal wounds. With Boruto wondering how it was possible for him to survive this terrible scene, Momoshiki appears before him and begins to explain how the heavenly ninja not only took it upon himself to save his life, but totally changed his DNA in the process:

“Part of your heart and lungs were destroyed and you lost a great deal of blood. You would have died, of course, if I hadn’t intervened. I brought you back to life, using part of the Karma. As you know, your Karma contains everything that is mine in the form of data, compressed. About 82% had already been extracted and diffused into your body. My resurrection would finally be possible once the remaining 18 percent finished extracting, but sadly, not if my own Vessel was destroyed first. So no I had no choice but to rewrite that last 18 percent of your data, so that the cells and tissues you lost could be made again.”

This surprising development means that Momoshiki no longer has a chance to resurrect in Boruto’s body completelywhile also changing the Seventh’s son’s body into a “full Otsutsuki”, which means he can now be sacrificed to the Ten-Tails as part of Code’s plan, making the battle against Kara more and more interesting.

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