Naruto faces Ichigo from Bleach in an amazing fan art that we all want to see

All anime fans become attached to their protagonists and thanks to the fact that they always end up with really striking power-ups that can doubt if they are the most powerful in the shonen world, so today we will delve into a fan art that It really surprised us all.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that an amazing crossover that we all wanted to see has recently been circulating on networks, and that is that it manages to face two of the most beloved shonen protagonists in the anime industry, these are Naruto and Ichigo.

Naruto Shippuden, presented us with great fights that have defined the destiny of the series and the course that things have taken after these for many of the characters. The shonen scenes have become a battlefield not only for the exhaustive training of the protagonist whose dream of being a Hokage was the engine of his actions throughout history, but also other characters were involved in the duels. more epic.

Hence, the most heated discussions among the fan community about the respective powers, techniques and strategies of the ninjas can become comparable with the characters of other series. There have even been some pretty fun discussions to recap those skills and test who would win if they went head to head.

Although the heroes of a manga or any action series can be the strongest in their universe, there is also the possibility that things can change in an unexpected plot twist and, on the other hand, the curiosity of know what this shot could look like in action.

In this case, it is a fight between Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki (from the Bleach series) that has caught the attention of some of the Twitter users for its creativity and has made them wonder on more than one occasion who would be victorious… something which apparently SethTheProgrammer also wondered when he created this very interesting fight.