Naruto faces Ichigo from Bleach in this crossover that we all want


Who will be stronger: Naruto or Ichigo?

When we think of Naruto Shippuden, it is logical to remember great fights that have defined the destiny of the series and the direction that things have taken after these for many of the characters. The shonen scenes have become a battlefield not only for the exhaustive training of the protagonist whose dream of being a Hokage was the engine of his actions throughout history, but also other characters were involved in the duels. more epic. Among them we have Naruto vs Sasuke, Kakashi vs Obito, Madara Uchiha vs Los Kages, Kakashi vs Pain, Sasuke vs Orochimaru and even Sasuke vs Itachi to name a few.

Thanks to the fact that the nature of Masashi Kishimoto’s work has given some of the most epic moments of combat in the world of anime, it continues to give something to talk about after its end in March 2017. Hence, the most heated discussions between the fan community about the respective powers, techniques and strategies of the ninjas may become comparable with the characters of other series. Even There have been some pretty fun discussions going on to recap those skills and test who would win if they went head to head.

Although the heroes of a manga or any action series can be the strongest in their universe, there is also the possibility that things can change in an unexpected plot twist and, on the other hand, the curiosity of know what this shot could look like in action.

This would be a fight between Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki

As we mentioned before, the reality is that the narrative of adventures among ninjas is never enough when it comes to testing the abilities of each of the Shonen Jump characters among the fans’ imagination, especially when a large part of the characters come from from different worlds with amazing abilities. And not satisfied with reinventing some of the most creative, emotional and even bloody scenes within the same story, they include other characters as a crossover. In this case it is a fight between Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki (from the Bleach series) that has caught the attention of some of the Twitter users for its creativity and has made them wonder on more than one occasion who would be victorious… something that, apparently, was also asked SethTheProgrammer when he created this very interesting fight. You can see it below:

Although we can only see the combat for a few seconds and we don’t have a chance to know who would take the victory, the description of the video mentions that it is a trailer, so we will probably have more news about this crossover at some point. On the one hand, the Hokage has at his disposal the Rasengan, Collaboration and Summoning Jutsu or the Sage Mode of the Six Paths; for another, Ichigo also has his own status thanks to the Blut Vene, the Sword, Zanpakuto, Fullbring, invulnerability, among others. It would be a good time to check how Ichigo would react after using his instinctive nature with his back as Naruto has developed the bare handed sword catch and could parry any attack carried out with slashing weapons. Who could be stronger among these charismatic but powerful characters? maybe he’ll let us know SethTheProgrammer Coming soon. Meanwhile, fans have taken different positions regarding the outcome.

It’s unlikely that both the Naruto and Bleach franchises will feature the Naruto vs. Ichigo matchup that many of their fans would like to see. However, the good news is that both have projects for this 2022. First of all, the sequel to Naruto, Boruto Next Generations is not finished yet and the manga is published monthly. And regarding Bleach, (an action-adventure work created by Tite Kubo and published for the first time in August 2001) he has his return planned, after his last publication in 2016. In fact, Kubo has been warming up after a special commemorative chapter for its 20th anniversary with a new plot arc. Bleach: Thousand-year blood war will be released this year, although there is no release date yet. We will again see Ichigo Kurosaki in action in the adaptation of the latest published manga, let’s hope he considers the possibility of fighting Naruto!

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