‘Naruto’ fan fulfills her dream of having a series-themed party

The themed parties have become a sensation among certain generationswhich, as their name indicates, are characterized by being defined by a particular idea, at the same time inspired by a movie or series, although before they were related to the celebration of ‘Halloween’, they are now more common.

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In the account identified as @rikka_t uploaded uploaded two videos in which documented how he enjoyed his birthday, particularly influenced by the famous animated series ‘Naruto’which is based on a 1999 Japanese mangaDespite its age, it has connected with a large part of the audience.

In the video The young woman showed her clothing, which inspired the protagonist’s costume, from the red cape, an orange dress and the insignia for which this series is recognized; Similarly showed the space decorated with colored balloons, impressions of the characters in the series and other accessories that worked for the decoration of the space.

In a second video showed in more detail the aspects of his cake and photographs with his guests, some attended with certain props from the series like, t-shirts, robes or even with some other manga costume.

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From the beginning, the young woman was happy with the way in which she decided to carry out her celebration, “I finally have my dream birthday with a Naruto theme” he added.

In her TikTok account, the user shares content about ‘cosplay’ that she has made, since she is not only a follower of ‘Naruto’ but also of other manga.

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