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A great fanart from Naruto has turned Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten into special ANBU hunters making the Konoha kunoichi look more incredible than ever.

The main kunoichis in Masashi Kishimoto’s work, say those who were in the same generation as the blond ninja, at the end of the anime became true elite shinobi. Each of them managed to perfect their own techniques until they mastered them and turned them into real lethal weapons.

So it doesn’t take much work to imagine that each of them would have been a great candidate for the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai o Special Assassination and Tactics Squad, as their talents would have been very useful to the famous Konoha Hell Squad. Now that if it had been four o’clock, he would have become the strongest ANBU of the five great villages.

Foto: DeviantArt – Amenooza

As you can see, each one looks pretty cool wearing their ANBU uniform that has also been personalized by the artist who has added specific details to each of the outfits such as the design and color of the mask or the shape of the armor.

Now thinking about the powers of the kunoichis, we know that all four would be extremely useful for the ANBU For her part, Sakura masters the Medical Jutsu in addition to possessing a strength greater than that of any other soldier. Hinata, having the Byakugan, turns out to be an ideal member for reconnaissance missions.

Ino, by mastering Mind Control Jutsus, can work to interrogate or steal information from captured enemies and for her part, Tenten, is the warrior par excellence who is an expert in handling weapons and in whose scrolls she can save from a bunch of kunais, to thousands of liters from the ocean, certainly a lethal weapon.

What did you think of this fanart from Naruto What turns the Konoha kunoichi into ANBU Hunters?


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