Naruto fans exploded in the networks after seeing the gift that Ivan de Pineda received in his program

One more time Ivan de Pineda He surprised with his knowledge, this time about the Naruto cartoon series.

It all happened on your show Pass word, from a gift brought to him by the comedian “Pichu” Straneo, which had a particular element.

Rarely Ivan de Pineda reveals details of his personal life, but this time he was a self-confessed anime follower.

“They gave me this and I said, no, I have to take it to them,” said the guest to the weekend program, as he handed the driver a blister with an action figure that had a protector on his forehead.

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Iván de Pineda’s doll.

Pichu joked: “Take a good look at it. At the moment it seems Sergio Gonal, Pipo Gorosito ”. Meanwhile, Anamá Ferreira, Geraldine Neumann and Sergio Gonal himself, claimed to have a doll of their own.

While looking at the gift, Ivan de Pineda He recognized himself with the jacket and shoes, but immediately recognized in that forehead protector, Kakashi’s band that Naruto’s ninjas use as a symbol of loyalty and pride.

“Didn’t you see Naruto? Haven’t you seen Naruto yet? ”The host asked the famous participants. Gege Neumannn acknowledged that if for his son and Ivan he greeted her with a “Naruto Uzumaki!”, Which is the name of the protagonist of the Japanese anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

After his words dedicated to cartoons, the driver became a trend on social networks where fans were surprised by his knowledge:

And when one believes that Ivan de Pineda he knows everything, he comes over and talks to you about Naruto, this man is incredible ”,“ Iván de Pineda is a fan of anime and recommended that you see Naruto, I go crazy ”,“ This variant of Otaku that belongs to Pineda never ceases to amaze me ”Were some of the messages that could be read on Twitter.