Naruto: fans start viral debate about their female characters

Inside the manga and animethere are characters of all kinds and of course, for all tastes, but, just as there is a phrase that says: “the characters are what you do with them”, in the anime it could easily apply, since many times the context that we give plays a role almost as important as the one given to it by its creators.

For this reason it is that sometimes among the fans of anime franchises there are heated debates about whether they could offer more to the animated series or could simply be considered as some kind of filler in the plot, that is, the fans often carry these discussions to another level, and the dialogues may even go deeper than expected.

You see, when it comes to animecreators face difficult decisions when it comes to developing their stars, be it from josei to shonen, each group has different expectations for manga protagonists themselves, that is why some heroes rise to the occasion, while others fade into the background, so the followers of Narutohave sparked a viral debate on social media about the show and its ensemble of female characters.

Now, it should be clarified that the argument is not new since fans have long criticized Naruto and his handling of female characters, since since sakura until Tenten and even Karin, the women of the series always fell by the wayside while others like Rock Lee thrived, furthermore some argue that the shonen demographics of the series excuse the lack of attention, while others claim that the female characters of There is more to history than we think.

So it was only a matter of time before the debate resurfaced, where everyone has their say, but mostly believes that Naruto’s cast of female ninjas could have been given a better focus and not just play a background role. , since they consider they had potential for more.

Since there are those who consider that Naruto has the worst stories of female characters in anime, while many others think that animes like Dragon Ball give less weight to their female characters, while many others propose that they should take Jujutsu Kaisen as an example, Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood, among others, but what do you think?…