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Naruto fights for those who were left wanting more

In an anime where combat skills and magic are the main theme, epic battles could not be missing. Most of the fans lived to the fullest battles like Hashimara vs. Madara or Naruto’s first vs. Sasuke. However, as happens in all series, there will always be that movement that never existed, that couple that never ended up together and that fight that never happened..

Here is a list of several fights that for one reason or another were not possible, but that are interesting for a while.


Itachi vs. shikamaru

As everyone knows, fights where the opponents show all their strength are impressive. But, as is well known, tricks are often better than strength, so facing the two characters smarter from the anime would result in a fight full of unexpected twists and brilliant moves.

Itachi vs. shikamaru
Itachi vs. shikamaru

Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru

An indispensable skill for a warrior in general and a ninja in specific is the control of emotions. But when your opponent comes from the same team and represents one of the greatest bonds of your life, that can get complicated. All this without forgetting the legendary level of both participants, which would undoubtedly leave some scenes to remember. Also, who wouldn’t like a few more minutes of Jiraya on screen and more if he’s fighting.

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Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru

Itachi vs. obito

uchiha against uchiha. Not only that, one of the uchihas more powerful against someone of the same level. A defender of good and another of evil; the classic of the confrontations since the world began, a battle that goes back to the most ancestral legends.

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Itachi vs. Obito

Hasirama vs. final naruto

Hasirama, the first hokage, considered by the villages the strongest ninja and founder of the village of the Leaf. Naruto, originally from the Leaf village, dreams of him: to become the best hokage. The battle is served.

Epic Naruto FightsNaruto Finale vs Hasirama
Naruto final vs. Hasirama

Naruto vs. Minato

family is the family, a bond often considered unbreakable, especially in cultures like Japan. Therefore, a fight between the fourth hokageMinato, and his son, the strongest character at the end of the anime, would give a lot to comment on.

narutonaruto minato epic fights
Naruto vs Minato

Tsunade vs. Sakura

The domination of byakugo It’s a serious topic, so Sakura in her final version and Tsunade would give a lot to talk about. It must be taken into account that with it you can heal in battle, but it is not infinite because it uses chakra.

Madara vs. obito with both eyes

The side of the “bad guys” is a place where many powerful characters tend to come out, in this case the two opponents. If he stayed there, the fight would not have so much emotion, but Obito went to the side of the good ones And that creates a lot of tension. Also keep in mind that Madara is the most powerful villain of the series, but that Obito is not far behind, since the creator himself said that he had to remove one of his two eyes because otherwise he would be too powerful.

The fight gains emotion when the plot cliché of the student against teacher is present, since Madara was in charge of preparing Obito for combat (although he had previously been trained by the fourth hokage). And it was just for this interaction that the last important point of the confrontation is added. Madara put a seal on Obito during his training time with which he in principle can control him the way he wants. How would he use it in battle?

Madara vs Obito with two eyes Epic fights naruto
Obito with two eyes vs Madara

Hagoromo (Sage of the six paths) vs. Hamura

Light against darkness. Few topics are as successful as this one and if it continues to work it will be for a reason. Brothers, children of the most powerful mother that could be had in that universe: the Goddess; which gives them a similar level of power. So let Hamura come down from the Moon and let the fight begin.

Epic Naruto FightsHagoromo Hamura
Hamura and Hagoromo

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