Naruto Finally Adapts An Iconic Sasuke And Sakura Scene

This has been quite a busy year for Narutoand to check it, you just have to look at your sleeveas Boruto is not only coming with a whole new arc, but the franchise is also dishing out two new spin-offs.

So now Kakashi and Sasuke are leading their own manga, after spending decades in the shadow of Naruto Uzumaki That’s why a new update just inked a pretty iconic scene from Sakura x Sasuke of the canon.

You see, it all went into overdrive this week when the Naruto spin-off about Sasuke was released. It was there that the new sleeve checked into the Uchiha while continuing a mission in prison, and that is that, despite a Jurassic disorder and a guardian on the edge, Sasuke is making progress in his goal of curing Naruto’s deadly disease, and Sakura has joined the ordeal.

And it’s just that, after all, the heroine now works in Sasuke’s prison as a nurse, and the pair are finding ways to work undercover, where they find ways to meet in private, and it was during one of these moments that Sasuke got together. He softened up to Sakura. After learning about the customs of this land, Sasuke makes a wedding ring for Sakura using ninjutsu, and it’s safe to say that the doctor is pleased with the gift.

Now, this adorable moment that had been the subject of gossip for years, when Naruto: Sasuke’s Story featured it in his light novel. Now, the Naruto team has adapted the moment on the page, and it has fans who have been excited. Sasuke may have been emotionally uptight growing up, but he’s finding new ways to show his feelings.

So it seems Sasuke has finally found a way to show his love for Sakura that we’ve never seen before, and shows why the Uchiha couple is one of the best in the series.