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Naruto is the iconic shinobi series, and its protagonist is the most popular ninja for some years. The anime brought a second part, focusing on boruto, the son of the Hokage. However, the franchise also launched two new spin-offs with two very important secondary ninjas: Kakashi and Sasuke, this last dark ninja delighted us with a scene with Sakura Haruno, it will surely surprise you.

The spin off is titled Sasuke Retsudenthis one has a very important mission that takes place in a tense scenario, since Sasuke and Sakura must find a cure for Naruto who fell victim to a deadly disease and against the clock.

It is worth mentioning that at this time, the couple is already married.

Sasuke and Sakura: a mellow moment

Sakura works as a prison doctor with Sasuke. They both have to find ways to covertly we have the tension of quick encounters in private.

Well, in a fleeting moment, Sasuke gives Sakura a ring. after learning about the customs of the village that are based on creating a wedding ring through earth ninjutsu.

The Naruto spin off: Sasuke Retsuden focuses on the iconic couple: Sasuke and Sakura, and finally shows us cheesy moments between them.
Source: Weekly Shōnen Jump
Sasuke SakuraNaruto
Source: Weekly Shōnen Jump

This adorable moment shows us an unexplored side of Sasuke. Since the ninja was unable to show his affinity and even less managed to be affectionate. So this scene is iconic and extremely emotional.

On the other hand, it seems that this gesture pleases Sakura and that’s what’s important, right? Although many fans have also enjoyed the moment they have been waiting for for years. Sasuke and Sakura are one of the most beloved couples in the series. Naruto.

Sasuke Retsuden

It is a light novel that was published in 2019. Written by Jun Esaka and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto himself. This 2022 was adapted to manga.

It focuses on Sasuke and Sakura as they try to save Naruto.his best friend, who fell victim to a mysterious illness.

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