Naruto Finally Reveals Why Sasuke Deserves Sakura

Does Sasuke really deserve Sakura? The story of Naruto, through its sequel, finally reveals an answer that excites fans.

Naruto Has Finally Revealed Why Sasuke Deserves Sakura. The new sequel to the saga has just given a way to show that the “bad boy” really deserves his girl. but even so it may not be enough for the fans to forgive the controversial ninja for everything he did.

Many fans have always hated the fact that Sakura allowed Sasuke to marry her because of how badly he treated her throughout Naruto. boruto it only reinforced her feelings about it because of how he has essentially abandoned not only her but also their daughter Sarada for years. The fact that the creators of Boruto force her to continually defending and staying with a man who clearly does not deserve her or her familywill probably be a sore spot for fans for many years to come, unless something changes soon.

The big update on their romantic relationship

An allusion to said change has just arrived in the third chapter of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha and Heavenly Stardust. We are talking about the manga by the writers of the original story Masashi Kishimoto, Jun Esaka and the mangaka Shingo Kimura. When Jiji, Sasuke’s cellmate, tells him that a married couple should always be together, Sasuke shows genuine concern that he wasn’t, and even brings it up again after the conversation turns to something else.. This is when Jiji reintroduces the importance of the wedding ring and how it could give her peace of mind that other men might flirt with her while he’s gone.

Based on the way Sasuke reacts to Jiji’s comments, it’s clear that Sasuke takes Jiji’s opinion very seriously, even going so far as to take on the fact that he is, in fact, too absent from his family. It’s no coincidence that Sasuke’s Story has mentioned wedding bands twice already., and it is possible that Sasuke will suggest to Sakura that they adopt the custom even though it does not exist in Konoha. However, could symbolizing his commitment with wedding bands make Sasuke more deserving of Sakura?