Naruto for parents: 3 minutes to learn all about your children’s favorite animated series

You’ve never seen a single episode of “Naruto” but want to know what the famous animated series is about? Here are some keys to understanding the phenomenon that fascinates young and old!

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The best-selling comic book in France in 2021, Naruto continues to fascinate fans of all ages, despite the manga’s discontinuation more than seven years ago. A success that therefore does not weaken, and particularly in our country where the series has experienced unprecedented enthusiasm in any other country, including Japan.

A social phenomenon for nearly two decades in our region, Naruto continues to be a topic of conversation in all playgrounds! Here’s everything you need to know about narutoand its sequel Naruto Shippuden, without having seen any of the 720 episodes that make up these two Japanese animated series!

What is it about ?

In the village of Konoha lives Naruto, a young boy hated and feared by the villagers, because he holds in him Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon) of incredible strength. Naruto dreams of becoming Konoha’s greatest Hokage so that everyone recognizes him for his true worth. But the road to becoming Hokage is very long.

One of the main advantages of naruto lies in the richness of its secondary characters; because we cannot overcome any challenge by facing them alone, our young ninja will be able to count on the loyalty of his closest friends. The trust that the latter place in him as the plot progresses will gradually bring him closer to his goal.

There’s a lot of humor in naruto, especially in the first episodes; As in the greatest initiation sagas, your child will grow up at the same time as the heroes of the series, while the various obstacles and the arrival of new overpowered enemies will give rise to new learning for the budding ninja.

From what age to watch this anime?

Recommended from 8 years old according to our editorial staff, recommended for all audiences according to the Netflix platform

What does it look like ?

Why do your kids love it?

  • Because Naruto is the antithesis of the perfect hero: aware of his own weaknesses, he does not flee from any danger to protect his friends.
  • Because the series features many characters with specific ninja techniques and amazing powers giving rise to anthology fights.
  • Because the series carries benevolent and universal messages. The story of Naruto proves to us that there is in each of us the potential to become a hero.
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Naruto, accompanied by his classmates Sasuke and Sakura, and their ninja master Kakashi.

5 terms you won’t necessarily understand if your child talks to you about them

  • Hokage: name given to the head of the village of Konoha; this honorary title is awarded to the strongest ninja, but also to the wisest.
  • Konoha: village where Naruto is from; set in the Land of Fire, Konoha is one of the main locations where the plot of the series takes place.
  • Sharingan: this term refers to the pupil available to the heirs of the Uchiha clan, from which Sasuke, Naruto’s classmate and rival, originates.
  • Akatsuki: This is the terrorist organization to which the main villains of Naruto belong.
  • Receptacle: designating the nine humans welcoming inside them one of the nine tailed demons; himself a receptacle, Naruto is the host of Kyûbi, the nine-tailed fox who decimated part of the village of Konoha several years before the start of the series.
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No matter the obstacles, Naruto always keeps smiling!

The anecdote that will amaze your child!

The names of the nine tailed demons were not chosen at random! Their nicknames refer to their number of appendages, which could make it very easy for you to learn to count to 10 in Japanese with your child. Thereby :

  • Ichibi: The number 1 is “ichi” in Japanese (pronounce itchi)
  • Nibi: The number 2 is “ni” in Japanese
  • Sanbi: The number 3 is “san” in Japanese (pronounced sane)
  • Yonbi: The number 4 is called “yon” in Japanese (pronounced yone)
  • Gobi: The number 5 is said “go” in Japanese
  • Rokubi: The number 6 is called “roku” in Japanese
  • Nanabi: The number 7 is called “nana” in Japanese
  • Hachibi: The number 8 is called “hachi” in Japanese (pronounced hatchi)
  • Kyûbi: The number 9 is called “kyû” in Japanese (pronounced kihu)
  • as for the number 10, it is said “jû” (pronounced djou) in Japanese

Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

On Netflix (from €8.99 per month), Amazon Prime Video (€5.99 per month), DNA (€6.99 per month) and Crunchyroll (€4.99 per month)

Also available in manga (72 volumes, sold for €6.85 each by the publisher Kana)

What other anime to watch next with your child?

  • Boruto, the sequel to Naruto set a few years later.
  • My Hero Academia, and its universe of budding superheroes.
  • One Punch Man, and his far too powerful hero!