Naruto Franchise Celebrates Naruto Uzumaki’s Birthday – Kudasai

According to the lore of the manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto, on October 10 the birthday of the character is celebrated Naruto Uzumaki, the iconic protagonist of the franchise. The official description of the character writes: «Born in Konoha, a ninja village hidden among the leaves, Naruto Uzumaki was destined for greatness. When he was born, a powerful nine-tailed demon fox attacked his village. With a flick of its tail, the demon fox could raise tsunamis and tear apart mountains. In a valiant attempt to save the village from destruction, the Fourth Hokage, leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, sealed the demon fox inside the body of newborn Naruto. This was his last act, as the battle with the fox cost him his life»

Fans of the franchise shared a variety of illustrations to celebrate the occasion, accompanied by the hashtag #Uzumaki Naruto Birthday Festival 2021. It should be remembered that the video game for smartphones Naruto: Slugfest-X is available in the catalog of QooApp on this link.