Naruto: Girl celebrates Minato’s birthday with this Fourth Hokage cosplay – Senpai

Minato Namikaze has become one of the most beloved characters in anime Naruto Thanks to his skills as shinobi and endearing personality, reason enough for a talented artist to make an amazing cosplay that gives life to the Fourth Hokage.

Through her official Instagram account, the artist Kumiko Cosplay He shared a photograph where he perfectly recreates the one known as Konoha’s Yellow Lightning.

As we can see below, the most representative elements of the character created by Masashi Kishimito have been captured by the artist in a neat way, as is the case with his blonde hair, his Jounin uniform and of course, his inseparable kunai that allows him to carry out the legendary teleportation technique created by the Second Hokage.

Image: @kumiko_cosplay / Instagram

The interpretation of the cosplayer is perfect to celebrate Minato Namikaze’s birthday this January 25, in which he is undoubtedly one of the favorite characters of fans who follow the adventures of the most powerful ninjas in the manga and anime universe.

Minato is recognized as one of the fastest and most powerful ninjas in the universe, abilities that he revealed during the Third Great Ninja War, where his heroic acts were key in the triumph of Konoha, which even allowed him to become the Fourth Hokage. Of course, he is also recognized for being Naruto’s father, and the one responsible for sealing Kurama inside the blond ninja when the latter was just a baby, in a love sacrifice he made with his wife Kushina.

what did you think of this cosplay that gives life to Minato Namikaze from the anime Naruto?

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