Naruto gives Boruto another Chunin exam – JAPANFM

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has kicked off a new round of Chunin Reviews for Boruto and the rest of his friends in the latest episode of the anime! The anime has officially ended the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, and until the manga fully explores the fallout of what is left of Kara after that, the anime is going to take some time to explore more original stories. One of them is to reveal how Konohagakure publicly reacts to the unease people might have after the Otsutsuki’s last fight.

The last time Boruto dealt with Chunin’s exams, they were interrupted by an invasion of Otsutsuki, and the Hidden Leaf village hasn’t been the same since. As the most recent episode explains, in order to dispel the discomfort and prepare for what might happen, the village has reinstated the Chunin Exams in order to have as many qualified Chunin Captains on the ground as possible. But as Boruto and the others soon find out, this is a much different type of exam than they expected.

Episode 221 of the series reveals that part of Naruto’s plan to help reclaim Konohagakure Village is to hope to promote more Chunins, and therefore Boruto. As in the first set, the first part of the exam sees each of the young shinobi taking a difficult written test (while doing their best to help their teammates cheat, much like the first Chunin exam that fans saw. set in the main series), but the real difference comes later.

Not only is it revealed that each nation is kicking off their own Chunin Exam, the second phase of the exam takes place in the Forest of Death. So this is an exam more in line with the Chunin exams of the main series than those of Boruto. And like those previous reviews, the next episode announces that the few people who have taken the next step will fight against each other to become Chunins in a small tournament. But what do you think?