Naruto Gives New Hints About The Mysterious Announcement Coming In A Week, And Makes It Even More Confusing

We have known for more than a month that “Naruto” is preparing some kind of new announcement which will be officially revealed at Jump Festa 2022. At this point the truth is that it could be anything: from a completely new original anime to a remake or whatever else comes to mind. Well, since there is not enough confusion in itself, now it turns out that they have released a series of clues in the form of an image that personally generates even more doubts.

Naruto Shares New Images Ahead of One Week Announcement

so there they go the four new images that have been shared to continue heating up the announcement that will take place in about a week:

And let’s see, I want to comment four little ideas that these images transmit to me, although surely in the end the thing has nothing to do:

  • For me, a concept that fits with all of this is the idea of ​​’generations‘. ❗
  • In the end we have pairs of teachers, brothers and friends from the past. However, under this concept, the absence of an obvious couple seems striking to me: boruto and naruto. ❗
  • Since Naruto appears holding hands with Jiraiya, the message of ‘Naruto Starts Worldwide‘ and the rest of the references to the beginning of the franchise and past of it, personally I think that what is announced will be more related to the origins of the work that not with the present or future of it. ❓
  • Therefore, if we see a remake of the original anime announced, or an anime dealing with past franchise stories in greater depth, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. obviously (again) It could be anything, but these clues are pretty cool.. ❓

Whatever is being prepared at this point, the only thing that is clear is that everything will be resolved. during the coming week, initially specifically during December 17. Why on those dates? Well, because it will be when the Jump Festa 2023 is taking place. Yes friends, it’s time to get excited once again.

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