Naruto has his own phone

From time to time, products are released that are the result of strange collaborations, of two themes that do not fit very well with each other, but they want to attract fans. It is what we have between us with this new Realme GT Neo3, although it is not the first time that the company has done it.

Realme’s latest collaboration is with the iconic anime series Narutowhich hit very hard here in Spain in the early 2000s, creating the second great boom in Japanese animation in our country, after the one created by Dragon Ball in the early 90s.

The GT Neo3 is going to receive a edition inspired by the character that gives the series its name, with unmistakable colors and details for those who know it. The specifications of the phone are identical to the version of the GT Neo3 with 150W charging, while the packaging and design are customized to the extreme for the occasion.

The terminal has a predominantly orange colormixed with black elements, while the camera island is made of metal with the headband of the famous ninja as inspiration.

Realme has also taken care of the rest of the package, with a special parchment containing the phone, a special caseand a SIM card ejector in the shape of the logo of the village of Konoha, where the story takes place.

The 150W charger and its cable have the appropriate colors, as well as the 10,000mAh external battery which is included with 33W charging. In addition, the mobile comes with a lot of preloaded wallpapers, icons, sounds and a special animation for when we are loading it.

The rest of the specifications, as we said, are those of the normal Realme GT Neo3. It comes with a processor MediaTek Dimension 8100a 6.7-inch OLED screen with 120Hz of refreshment, from 6GB to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage.

The main camera sensor is 50MP, with a 16MP selfie shooter on the front. Those who want to show off with this cool edition should leave about 415 dollars for the 12/256GB model. The phone goes on sale in China on May 31, with international availability and pricing still unknown.

At the beginning we said that it is not the first time that Realme has made a collaboration like this, and it is that with his Realme GT Neo2 there was an edition with Son Goku as the protagonist. The mobile had the characteristic shades of the famous Saiyan suit and the Mutenroshi logo next to the cameras.