Naruto: Hinata unleashes the power of the Byakugan in this body paint art cosplay | Spaghetti Code

The anime series of Naruto Y naruto shippuden They are full of endearing characters that have become the favorites of many fans, such as the protagonist Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Rock Lee, Neji and to Hinata Hyuga, who despite being a cute character, has great and incredible power.

Hinata is also known as the princess of the Hyuga clan, since she has a mix between enormous power and infinite tenderness, but it is certain that her power goes beyond what we know or at least you witnessed that in the last Hinata movie. Naruto, but this cosplay style of body paint It will show the great power that it carries.

Hinata del clan Hyuga

To honor one of the characters that has become a favorite, the cosplayer Spaniard Yaiza Pérez shared a series of photographs in which shows a version of Hinata in the outfit of naruto shippuden, which consisted of a purple sweatshirt and his Hidden Leaf Village ribbon around his neck, but has now been recreated in body paint.

Source: Instagram @yaizaperez

It is cosplay also respected the long hair of Hinata and that is part of his style during this season of the franchise, meanwhile, the tenderness that he possesses stands out, however, in the photographs the sequence of the attitude that the character takes is notorious,He will go from a tender posture to a posture to use the power of the Byakugan.

Source: Instagram @yaizaperez

It is a fact that with these charms, he was able to get the attention of Naruto some years later, later to become a family and wife of the current seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. what did you think of this cosplay of Hinata?


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