Naruto: How many seasons does the anime have?

The anime of “Naruto” is one of the longest and most acclaimed in the entire history of the sector, and as such it is logical that some may wonder how many seasons of content do you have before you watch it. Also, knowing first that what comes to be part 1 of the story has a total of 220 episodes, I assume that you will imagine that it will not be made up of exactly two or three seasons. But do not worry, since today I have come to clear up your doubts about it.

The Naruto anime has a total of 9 seasons.

  • Indeed, the Naruto anime, which corresponds to the first part of the story Created by Masashi Kishimoto, account with a total of 9 seasons.
  • In these 9 seasons, viewers will meet up to 220 episodes of content.
  • It is important to take into account that not all the content is canon, and it is that until 90 of those episodes refer to filler content which one can safely skip if desired.
  • If you want to see all the 9 seasons that the Naruto anime presents you can do it through Crunchyroll.
  • Another way to watch the anime of Naruto is through Prime Videowhere you will find that it is not necessary to watch the anime in VOSE as you have the option of putting the audio in Spanish (which may be more comfortable for more than one).
The first part of the story will captivate you for 9 seasons and more than 200 episodes

How many anime seasons does Naruto Shippuden have?

  • Obviously, the story of Naruto is not completed only with the first part of the story, but to know the whole story until the ninja fulfills his ambitions. you also have to go through the ‘Shippuden’ brand.
  • In this part of the story you will find up to 21 seasons of contentalthough the numbering may differ depending on the platform.
  • The proof of the latter is that you can find Naruto Shippuden also in full through crunchyrolleven though on the platform in question it will appear that the anime has 17 seasons (Despite this, they have the entire anime, make no mistake).
  • On the other hand, Shippuden has more than twice as many episodes as Naruto, and it is that this time you can soak up to 500 anime episodes.
  • What also increases considerably compared to the first part of the story is the number of filler episodes, which in this case amounts to 203.
  • Again, if you want to see the anime with Spanish dubbing, you can do it in a limited way through the Prime Video service (limited because this part is not complete on the platform).
naruto shippuden
A good handful of seasons await you to see the second part of the Naruto anime

What to do with the filler that the Naruto anime has?

The filling as such does not always have to be poorly contained, although it is true that it can sometimes become overwhelming. With 293 filler episodes between the first and second parts of the anime, it is clear that “Naruto” is going in this direction.

That’s why I bring you two contents that can help you while you are viewing the anime seasons:

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