Naruto: How many times do Sasuke and Naruto kiss in the anime?

Naruto” is an epic anime in which we see the story of how a boy disowned by the majority ends up achieving a dream of tremendous ambition: to be the most powerful and respected ninja in his village. Masashi Kishimoto’s story has inspired many for many years. the last decades for the transcendence of many of its topics and the personalities of its characters. Oh, and also for counting How many times do Naruto and Sasuke kiss in the anime?.

It is not a joke. The curious thing about this is that the question is logical, since both characters share more than one kissas much as it may surprise more than one.

Naruto and Sasuke’s first kiss

Naruto and Sasuke’s first kiss is surely the most iconic of all anime in question. Basically, it can be summarized in the following moment:

When, how and why does this scene between the two characters occur? There is an answer to all of this:

  • This first kiss from the Naruto anime is given VERY early in the series, specifically in episode 3.
  • Indeed, at that point the characters they practically didn’t know each other. How does the kiss happen then?
  • Basically when Naruto is giving Sasuke a bad look because all the girls look up to them, a classmate pushes him causing him to fall on Sasuke himself, specifically on the mouth of the youngest of the Uchiha. Yes, a tremendously romantic first kiss.
  • The really funny thing is that in a special book with information about Naruto, it is explained that Sasuke is unaware that the kiss was an accident.. I mean, he thinks Naruto did it on purpose to annoy him. Ah, he also says that the kiss tasted like miso or something, very strange.

The second kiss between Naruto and Sasuke

It must be said that unlike the first kiss, this second is not truly canon. Before explaining why, I leave you with the shot of the kiss in question:

naruto sasuke kisses

This second kiss much more bizarre than the first As for how it is represented, it has the following explanations:

  • This other kiss between Naruto and Sasuke can be seen in a filler episode from the Shippuden saga.
  • Specifically, the episode in which it occurs is the 194 of the anime (from Shippuden). Between that and the fact that it’s a filler, you can already understand why I say that it’s not canon.
  • The moment of the kiss, moreover, is also tremendously absurd; occurs as a result of both characters falling down a waterfall.

The two kisses on video

And for those who want to see how were both kisses in motion in the anime of “Naruto”, then I leave you a video made by a fan which collects both moments:

To be honest, If this thing about the kisses between Naruto and Sasuke happens today, I am convinced that within 5 minutes my Twitter would be bursting with gay fan-art between both characters. That there already is, but with what the topic of ‘shipping‘ today there would be a wave of illustrations that we would not calmly come out of for weeks. You saved yourself from what a Kishimoto.

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