Naruto: How tall are the anime characters?

If one starts counting the hours spent watching “Naruto“Until the anime is complete, you may end up getting quite a scare at the amount of time you spend with Masashi Kishimoto’s characters. In the process we learn all sorts of details about Dojutsu, kinjutsu and other elements that make up the universe of Kishimoto-sensei’s work, but there are a very simple detail that is almost always unknown: how tall the characters are.

So today I’m going to leave you with the data of the height of the characters of “Naruto”one that you may have wondered on some occasion (especially since at the beginning there is a lot of reference to how stuffy Naruto is).

Naruto Uzumaki ends up being 1.80cm tall

The face of the franchise, and despite the fact that for the most part it remains very recognizable by its appearance, the truth is that physically stars in quite remarkable jumps. Basically, this is how we see him throughout the entire Naruto anime:

  • In the first part of the anime, Naruto measures between 145.3 and 147.3 centimeters tall, thus being one of the shortest genin of all.
  • In the second part of the anime, the protagonist already hits a notable stretch to 166 centimeters Tall.
  • Concluded all the facts of Shippuden, Naruto gains even more centimeters entering his adult phase and reaching 180 centimeters Tall.

Sasuke Uchiha reaches 1.82cm in height

If it weren’t for the fact that in “Naruto” there is a protagonist by name, precisely Naruto, Sasuke could be perfectly considered the ‘other’ protagonist of the story. And yes, as such gain many centimeters throughout the anime:

  • In the first part of the anime, Sasuke measures between 150.8 and 153.2 centimeters tall.
  • In the second part, Sasuke gives a growth spurt and stands at 168 centimeters Tall.
  • Already after Shippuden, in the adult stage, Sasuke arrives up to 182 centimeters Tall.

Sakura Haruno stays at 1.64cm

Sakura is the main female character of “Naruto” and as such one that we see a lot of time on the screen, although obviously not as much as the two proper names in the franchise. Despite this, it is possible to distinguish more than one notable physical change in his figure as the years go by:

  • In the first part of the anime, Sakura measures 148.5 centimeters Tall.
  • In the second part of the anime, Sakura gains a little more height until she reaches her feet. 161 centimeters.
  • In the events after Shippuden, Sakura ends up reaching 164 centimeters Tall.
naruto sakura cosplay

Kakashi Hatake is 1.81 centimeters tall

How tall is the jonin in charge of training team 7 of “Naruto”? Of course, at first he does not seem like a short character, but the question remains as to whether at some point one of those who were his students ends up surpassing him in terms of height.

  • In the Naruto anime, Kakashi is 181 centimeters tall tall (which means that Sasuke ends up being taller than him, but not Naruto).

Tsunade is 1.63cm tall

If Sakura is the most important female character in all of “Naruto”, it’s easy to argue that next in order of relevance of the franchise is about Tsunade. That being said, here is the information regarding his height:

  • The recorded height throughout the Naruto anime for Tsunade is 163.1 centimeters
tsunade jutsu

Jiraiya is the tallest in the anime at 191cm tall

Another member of the legendary Sannin along with Tsunade and, really, the one who acts more like a true father figure to naruto during the anime in question, being also the teacher from whom he learns the most in his ninja training.

  • Jiraiya was one of the most imposing anime with its 191.2 centimeters in height.

Orochimaru is 172 centimeters tall

The third of the legendary Sannin, one that for much of the anime is the main antagonist of the work, but… How exactly is this mysterious figure?

  • In the first part of the anime we see him with 179.4 centimeters Tall.
  • After certain events, in part 2 of the anime that height decreases to 172 centimeters.
naruto orochimaru

Itachi Uchiha is 178 centimeters tall

Sasuke’s older brother and one of the most intriguing and threatening figures for much of the “Naruto” anime. Itachi is recognized from the beginning as a ninja of enormous power; Is his height also something notable?

  • There are multiple data on Itachi’s height, beginning because when he was a child he was in the 130 centimeters.
  • As a teenager there was already a logical change regarding how much he averaged, thus ascending to the 148 centimeters tall.
  • Also, already started the anime as such, in the first part it measures a total of 175.2 centimeters.
  • In the second part of the anime, Itachi’s height goes up to 178 centimeters tall.
naruto itachi

Shikamaru Nara ends up reaching 1.77cm

Shikamaru is one of the most notable secondary characters in all of “Naruto”, especially standing out through combat strategies only possible by a ninja of enormous intelligence. Physically, is it just as remarkable?

  • In the first part of the anime, Shikamaru’s height is located between 150.8 and 152.1 centimeters.
  • In the second part, Shikamaru goes up to the 170 centimeters Tall.
  • With Shippuden already concluded, Shikamaru ends up reaching the 177 centimeters Tall.

Rock Lee is 1.77cm tall

One of the characters who seemed to have more potential as a ninja at the beginning of the “Naruto” anime… but who later doesn’t end up shining as much as expected. That being said, here I leave you with all the details as to how tall:

  • In the first part of the anime, Rock Lee’s height is among the 158 and 162 centimetersbeing one of the tallest genin.
  • In the second part of the anime, Rock Lee continues to gain height to reach the 172 centimeters.
  • With the events of Shippuden concluded, Rock Lee’s height ends up at a total of 177 centimeters.
rock Lee

Gaara stays at 1.72 centimeters

The jinchuuriki of the beast with a tail is one of the most powerful genin of all at the beginning of the “Naruto” anime, something that he achieves not because of his physical precisely. Here are their heights:

  • In the first part of the anime, Gaara is only between 146.1 and 148.1 centimetersbeing one of the shortest genin of all.
  • In the second stage of the anime, he gains height again, although not too much, thus staying at 166.1 centimeters.
  • With the events of Shippuden concluded, Gaara stands at 172.5 centimeters tall.

Neji Hyuga has a height of 172 centimeters

One of the characters that ends up easily becoming a fan favorite, and also one of the most powerful and promising ninjas in the Hidden Leaf Village. How tall was good old Neji?

  • During the first part of the anime, Neji is situated between 159.2 and 160.1 centimeters Tall.
  • In the second part, Neji’s height rises up to 172 centimeters.
neji naruto

Hinata Hyuga is 1.63 centimeters tall

Another female character enters the anime of “Naruto” and especially for what follows the work of Masashi Kishimoto in “Boruto”. How was Hinata physically in the anime?

  • In the first part of the anime, Hinata measures between 147.3 and 148.3 centimeters Tall.
  • In the second part of the anime, he stands up to his 160 centimeters.
  • With the events of Shippuden concluded, the answer to how big stands at 163 centimeters Tall.
hinata naruto

Obito Uchiha has a great height and reaches 1.82cm

One of the main villains of the “Naruto” anime for a good part of the anime and also someone central to the lore of the work. How tall was this powerful member of the Uchiha clan?

  • As a child, Obito had a height of 154.2 centimeters.
  • In his teens, Obito’s height was in the 175 centimeters.
  • As an adult, Obito grows to be 182 centimeters tall.
obito uchiha

Madara Uchiha is 179 centimeters tall

The main antagonist of “Naruto” until the appearance of Kaguya Otsutsuki. A ninja with a power like few others there has been in the entire history of the work and that physically was also remarkable.

  • Madara’s only recorded height data places it at 179 centimeters.
Jump Force

Minato Namikaze almost reached 180 centimeters

The father of “Naruto” and fourth kage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Also considered one of the most powerful ninjas the village had ever witnessed, this ninja had exceptional combat capabilities.

  • As a child, Minato counted on a height of 147 centimeters.
  • As an adult, Minato’s physique developed up to 179.2 centimeters.

Kushina Uzumaki is 165cm tall

The mother of “Naruto” and a member of the powerful Uzumaki clan, obviously like his own son. Kushina loses her life before he starts the anime itself, leaving us with this physical data:

  • Kushina measures 145 centimeters tall when she is a girl.
  • As an adult, Kushina’s height stands at 165 centimeters.
kushina uzu

And these are the heights and the answer to the ‘how tall’ of many of the main characters of “Naruto”. Obviously, there are many other characters that I could provide information about, but I think that These should be the ones that arouse the greatest curiosity due to their relevance within the work..

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