Naruto: how to execute some of the most famous jutsus step by step

Naruto” is an anime that, throughout its many episodeshas introduced us a world and some of the richest and deepest characters. One of the favorite points of many is that of the jutsu, the different techniques used by ninjas. Are are executed thanks to the stamps. I recently told you all the stamps that exist and what are they called.

Today, we are going to go a step further. And I’m going to explain how to execute some of the jutsus that we have seen in “Naruto”. For it, the key is to use several stamps in the correct order. I’ll tell you calmly below.

How to use some of the most famous jutsus from the Naruto anime

Here are some of the most recognizable techniques from the series:

Big ball of fire

The Great Ball of Fire is a characteristic fiery jutsu of the Uchiha clan. To be able to use it, you have to make all the stamps that I put below in order. While running, you have to accumulate the chakra in the throat, and then it is expelled suddenly through the mouth.

  • 1st: Snake 🐍
  • 2nd: Goat 🐐
  • 3rd: Monkey 🐒
  • 4th: Pig 🐖
  • 5th: Ox 🐂
  • 6th: Tiger 🐅

Sorcerer’s Technique

This is a space-time technique that will allow us to summon an animal, although before we have to have signed a contract with him. The correct seal order to use this jutsu is as follows. Once executed, we just have to put our hand on the ground so that our compi appears.

  • 1st: Pig 🐖
  • 2nd: Dog 🐕
  • 3rd: Rooster 🐓
  • 4th: Monkey 🐒
  • 5th: Goat 🐐

kage bunshin

This jutsu allows us create copies to confuse the opponent, something Naruto does frequently. Compared to the other two, the stamps to use are much simpler.

  • 1st: Goat 🐐
  • 2nd: Snake 🐍
  • 3rd: Tiger 🐅
Naruto Kage Bunshin
From top to bottom: goat, snake and tiger

And here comes this article in which I collect how to execute some of the most famous jutsus that we have seen in the anime of “Naruto”. What is your favourite? Do you plan to practice stamps? I invite you to leave your impressions in the comments.

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