Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen and 9 Other Iconic Anime Food Places

There are many iconic food places featured in the anime. These places can be famous for their delicious food, their fun service, or a combination of both and other factors. One of these places is the Ichiraku Ramen of fame from Naruto , but it’s not the only iconic place to eat in the anime.

There are many other fun food places that are just as well known, if not more, from the Baratie to the Nekoya Western restaurant that serves otherworldly customers every Saturday, to the Seven Stars restaurant, where customers must partake in a Pokémon battle to win a delicious free meal. These fun food places are perfect for great food, great service, and an unforgettable experience.

10 Ichiraku Ramen is Naruto’s favorite place to eat (Naruto)

Ichiraku Ramen is a ramen restaurant in Konohagakure. It was founded by Teuchi and is very popular with the townspeople. This place is also Naruto Uzumaki’s favorite to eat, as he often comes to this restaurant to gorge himself on delicious ramen between missions. As Naruto was such a loyal customer to this place, Teuchi and his daughter Ayame were among the few people in Konoha who did not treat Naruto badly during his youth. In addition to freshly made ramen, Ichiraku Ramen also makes diet versions of ramen, tsukemen, and instant ramen.

9 El Baratie is a restaurant that floats in the sea (One Piece)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 1

The Baratie is a restaurant located in the middle of the sea. Run by Zeff, it is located in the Zambas region of the East Blue. It is also very close to the Grand Line, making it a popular spot for sailors and other associated patrons. It is also the place where Luffy and his companions met Sanji, who joined them as a crewmate at the end of the Baratie arc. Later, the restaurant was remodeled and added a marine dessert ship named “Sister Anko” and a hot plate expansion ship named “Nasugasira”.

8 Café Stile is the perfect place for otaku fans to dine (Blend-S)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 2

The main heroine, Maika, ended up working at Café Stile after the manager, Dino, offered her a job as one of the waitresses. Each of the waitresses represents a different personality to customers while serving them, and Maika’s role is that of the “sadistic” waitress, as her naturally slanted eyes help her give off an ominous aura when she stares at people. .

Café Stile is known for its service thanks to the waitresses who play different personalities, but they also serve tasty food, such as crepes, parfaits and rice and tortilla. There was once a contest among the staff in which new temporary dishes were created, and the most popular one was included in the main menu. Maika’s “sadistic” parfait consisted of salt, vinegar, and tabasco. However, despite its popularity, the staff agreed that it would be too dangerous to include it on the main menu.

7 Nekoya western restaurant serves food to customers from another world (Restaurant to another world)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 3

At A Otro Mundo RestaurantThe Western Nekoya Restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes to customers, but is closed to the general public on Saturdays. This is so they can be open for guests coming from another fantasy world on Saturday. Among its memorable dishes are the minced meat cutlet, the chocolate parfait, the curry chicken, the rice omelette and the tofu fillet.

6 Izakaya Nobu also serves clients from another world (Isekai Izakaya)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 4

The Izakaya Nobu, who appears in Isekai Izakaya, serves clients from another world. However, the owner and the main waitress, Shinbou, did not know that they were going to get such customers until the opening day. Before the official opening, Shinobu went to an Inari shrine and prayed for the success of the Izakaya. Inari responded by making the main door of the restaurant open to the ancient city of Aitheria, which is part of a completely different world. This restaurant serves many delicious dishes to its new customers, including potatoes en oden.

5 La Casa del Conejo is a cafeteria by day and a bar by night (Is the order a rabbit?)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 5

La Casa del Conejo is an establishment that works as a cafeteria during the day, but as a bar at night. Cocoa, the main protagonist, works at La Casa del Conejo during her studies in exchange for staying in the premises located on the upper floors. She, Chino, and her friends and co-workers mainly serve customers during the day. Chino’s father, current owner of La Casa de los Conejos, serves customers during the night.

During the day, the Casa de los Conejos serves a wide variety of coffees, cappuccinos and even lattes with beautiful latte art. They also serve a wide variety of dishes, including some toasts and other sweets.

4 You can work in the Hitotose cafeteria in exchange for sleeping upstairs (Hinako Note)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 6

In the anime Hinako Note, Hinako settles on the upper floor of the Hitotose cafeteria during her studies. In exchange, he had to work at the Hitotose Cafeteria on the weekends. This place serves a great variety of coffee, as does the Casa de los Conejos de Is the Order a Rabbit?, but it also serves some nice cakes and other tasty desserts. In addition, the theater group that Hinako and her friends formed together performs some plays in the store, entertaining customers who are present during their stay.

3 The Seven Stars restaurant requires fighting the owners to get a meal (Pokémon)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 7

To get a meal at the Siete Estrellas Restaurant you have to fight against the restaurant’s owners, Roman and Kylie. If customers win, they receive a full meal for free. However, if they lose, they are sent on an empty stomach.

As Ash and his companions fought the owners, their battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, who stole all of the restaurant’s food. After defeating them, Roman and Kylie were so grateful that they immediately offered to give them a free meal on the spot. However, they ended up finishing their battle before winning and earning said food.

2 The Polar Bear Café is a hit with human and animal customers (Polar Bear Café)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 8

Polar Bear Café, also know as Shirokuma Café, takes place in a literal cafeteria that serves human and animal customers with organic food and drink. The staff includes not only polar bears, but also a penguin and even a brown bear. Sasako is the only human member of the cafeteria staff and he won the job there after Panda tried to apply for a job and failed his interview. Dishes such as naan, salmon cream stew, shaved ice and meatballs are served in the cafeteria.

1 Rainy Color Café serves a variety of customers with all types of coffee (Rainy Cocoa)naruto ichiraku ramen y otros 9 lugares de comida iconicos del anime 9

Rainy Color Café is the main stage of Rainy Cocoa. The protagonist Aoi Tokura got a job serving in this place and ended up attracting customers to the cafe thanks to her feminine appearance. He works alongside his teammates Keiichi and Shion to serve a wide variety of coffee to customers, including regulars like Koji. Despite the incredibly short duration of the episodes, the series ran for five full seasons.