Naruto in Catalan: it is confirmed that the series will have official dubbing in the language

Selecta Visión has made the announcement by which the iconic work of Masashi Kishimoto will be adapted to the language of Catalonia

dragonball“, “Yuyu Hakusho”, “one piece“… What am I doing? Well, listing some of the most successful shonen in all of history that had their proper official dubbing into Catalan, and one that I have personally enjoyed for countless hours. Taking into account the impressive list of works translated into a language that has always had a lot of anime culture, and with very positive results, it squeaked a bit that something like “Naruto” did not have the relevant version. And that is what has been fixed now.

Enjoying Naruto in Catalan is no longer just a dream for many, but it will be a reality

Then I leave you with the tweet by Selecta Visión for which they have confirmed that, indeed, Kishimoto-sensei’s work will officially have dubbing in Catalan:

As you can see, at this point the truth is that there is no additional information about this project. However, there is something that comes to mind:

  • Is it possible that the Catalan public television, more specifically the SX3 channel, is going to start broadcasting Naruto this same 2023? I think there is some probability of it. ❓
  • The reason that leads me to think so is that these last few months have become acquisitions for the aforementioned chain such as Kimetsu no Yaiba or Haikyuu!!but it is also that in 2023 it is already known that will feature Black Clover and My Hero Academia movies, among other news. ❗
  • What is truly interesting is that they have confirmed that from February onwards even more animes will be added to their catalog, some of them say they are VERY desired. Is the announcement of the Catalan dubbing of Naruto by Selecta Visión now a coincidence? It may, but it may also be that it is all part of a joint strategy. ❓

Leaving aside the film that I have edited here, what is 100% real is that Selecta Visión will make Seeing “Naruto” in Catalan is no longer a wish of many that has been around for a long time, and that it becomes a reality. Now, all that remains is to give the editor time to carry out the relevant work.

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