Naruto is considering new Chunin Exams in Boruto

Konoha fans have been waiting to see where the adaptation of anime in the future of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Now that the animation has caught up with its source material in the mangaIt seems that the story will take us back to a Konoha event with the Chunin Exams.

As the Kar Organizationa, and by delegation the Otsutsuki, have devastated the plans of the ninja world for some time, the Jigen’s death now lets the next generation get back to business as usual.

The Chunin Exams They are a rite of passage for the younger generation of the ninja world, with genin ninja attempting to reach the next level in a variety of trials pitting warriors from different peoples against each other. Previously, the anime showed Naruto’s big change after Kurama’s death.

New Chunin Exams in the Boruto anime

(Photo: Pierrot) Image from episode 219

According to information from Twitter user @ Abdul_S17, the anime seems to take its episodes to new Chunin exams. While the exams eventually lead to one-on-one fights between the variety of fighters, they also have a component in which teams of three try to fight their way through dangerous terrain.

With the test giving the Konoha ninjas and beyond the ability to compete for a serious promotion, it will be interesting to see how Team 7 fares now considering they have had some major improvements in the battles against Kara.

Spoilers for episode 221 scheduled for October 24

The description of the next episode 221 It reads like this: “Chunin Exams again !? The previous Chunin Exam was canceled due to interference from the Otsutsuki, and to deal with the new threats, a Chunin Exam will be held again!”

Naruto’s son and his genin classmates reunite. They are working together to become Chunin and in this way increase the protection of Konoha along with the other ninja villages. The Truth News will share more updates with you in the future.

How many chapters does Boruto take?

The sequel manga has a total of 62 chapters published in MANGA Plus by Shueisha. The latter was released on September 20, 2021 and scheduled to premiere on Chapter 63 on Wednesday October 20. The anime adaptation made by Study Pierrot it has premiered 219 episodes and is up to date with manga material.

While the Chunin Exams can be dangerous, this next story is sure to be seen as a respite for the young Konoha ninja considering the threats they have faced from Jigen and his crew.

Now, with Team 7 with the addition of Kawaki to their ranks, it will be interesting to see how these new examinations will be carried out for the young ninjas, who will be able to reach the rank of Chunin in the Hidden Leaf. Similarly, Boruto episode 219 presents a bigger threat than Jigen and everyone needs to improve their skills.

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