Naruto Is Ready To Expand Its Line Of The Cutest Products

The world of Naruto has been rocked throughout the history of the ninja world more times than we can count, with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations taking the opportunity to kill off more than a few big names in the shonen franchise. While the world of ninjas may be facing dark times, it looks like some lovely merchandise is on the way to help tone down some of the more mature material and give fans fusions of their favorite ninjas with adorable felines. .

Naruto may not be the main star of Masashi Kishimoto’s franchise’s current chapter, with his son Boruto taking the reins of the anime with the next generation of ninja within the Hidden Leaf Village. While battling the machinations of the Kara Organization, Naruto lost the nine-tailed fox inside himself Kurama, but eventually managed to defeat their leader Jigen in the process through the implementation of the Baryon transform. Although the battle against Kara is over for now in the anime, the manga takes the opportunity to further explore this battle as Jigen’s right-hand man, Code, has taken over and battles against Boruto and Kawaki with disastrous results. .

Mega Girls Hobby has shared the new look at the collection of Naruto figurines that fuse some of the greatest ninjas from Masashi Kishimoto’s franchise with adorable felines, which sees the anime teaming up with Mega Cat Project and Nyaruto to create this merchandise set to arrive later this year:

As the manga continues the battle against Kara under Code’s new leadership, the anime takes the opportunity to tell new stories in Konoha Village, not only to wrap up the latest round of Chunin Exams, but to explore a number of of ninjas outside the world of Team 7. With a new adventure already beginning to be explored for Team 7, with Kawaki joining Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, it seems the Shonen franchise isn’t about to tell its story. story. an ending, decades after its original premiere.

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