Naruto is Sukuna’s new vessel in this Jujutsu Kaisen fanart – Senpai

In an unexpected turn for the shinobi world, Sukuna, the King of Curses, manages to sneak into the Leaf Village to seize the good Naruto and thus make it your new vessel. Without a doubt a combination full of power.

A new fusion of anime arrives by the artist AviFusionArt (via Instagram), who usually makes incredible mixes between characters and elements of some of the most popular shonen franchises, especially Naruto, whose characters dominate their great designs.

On this occasion, the artist returns to take the shinobi as a reference to join them with the wizards of Gege Akutami in the most precise way, mixing Naruto with Yuji Itadori turned into Sukuna. It may seem like a strange combination, but the result is really great. Look with your own eyes.

Photo: Instagram – @avifusionart

As you can see, the combination makes a lot of sense, because seeing him from this angle with pink hair, Naruto has a great resemblance to Yuji, perhaps because they are both young and have similar haircuts.

Either way the blonde ninja is still looking cool and quite evil as Sukuna. Only now what we can’t stop thinking about is how could the young Uzumaki be the vessel of Sukuna and Kurama at the same time?

Can you imagine that mix of power? Assuming that the cursed energy could be combined with the nine-tailed fox’s chakra and the sage mode’s nature energy, the result would certainly be something totally out of this world, neither Gojo nor Kakashi together could cope with this version of Naruto.

What did you think of this fanart? jujutsu kaisen where Naruto becomes Sukuna’s new vessel?


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