Naruto: Kabuto’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Kabuto was one of the first villains introduced into the universe of Naruto. Although his meek demeanor and crude jutsu may seem disappointing at first, over time he became powerful enough to take on Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha simultaneously.

As one of the few antagonists who avoid decisive justice, Orochimaru’s apprentice has many strengths and weaknesses that color his character. Through his identification, we can better determine whether or not he was worthy to serve alongside the fallen Sannin and carry on his master’s legacy after his supposed “death.”

10 Strength: Kabuto was a highly talented spy

One of Kabuto’s greatest advantages was his ability to spy on others. As a recruited member of the Danzo Foundation, he was often sent to great nations to measure his next moves.

After defecting from the Blade, the skills Kabuto learned would continue to serve him for the rest of his life. This was especially evident in the Chunin Exam arc, where he managed to fool several experienced Jonin into thinking that he was a normal participant in scheduled tests.

9 Weakness: Kabuto is unusually arrogantnaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 1

Kabuto is one of the most arrogant characters in the series. He treats others as if they were below him, especially characters like Naruto, with an abundant amount of optimism, and was arrogant enough to directly infiltrate the Konoha hospital.

Furthermore, Kabuto never rethinks his actions and whether they can be correct or not. This was a factor that Itachi was able to use against him during his battle in the cave, as the Izanami can only be deactivated once the victim has realized his mistake.

8 Strength: Kabuto has an incredible amount of versatility in his techniquesnaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 2

After Orochimaru’s disappearance, Kabuto returned to studying the nature of forbidden jutsu and how he could perfect them. By the time of his final confrontation with the Uchiha brothers, he mastered the Sound Four jutsu, the Serpent Sage mode, much of Orochimaru’s abilities, and even created new moves of his own.

As a result, he became an almost invulnerable adversary who had an answer to practically every obstacle. The only weak point in his defenses is that he had not yet perfected resistance against powerful genjutsu like the Izanami.

7 Weakness: Kabuto’s diplomatic skills need to be worked on.naruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 3

Despite being a trained spy, Kabuto is not as capable as a diplomat. His conversation with Sasori took a quick turn for the worse before he realized Yamato’s ploy, and he was equally at odds with Obito when he formed an unlikely alliance with him at the start of the Fourth Shinobi War.

Furthermore, since he treated Sasuke with negligence and slight derision during the entire time he was in Orochimaru’s care, the avenging Uchiha did not feel any loyalty to him when he was ready to leave and therefore could not be manipulated. Despite all his intellect, Kabuto’s lack of social grace was expensive.

6 Strength: Kabuto is loyal to whoever wins his favor.naruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 4

Although Kabuto’s relationship with Orochimaru was strained at first, the two quickly became trusted companions. Throughout the series, the medical ninja came to his master’s aid dozens of times in exchange for his knowledge.

Perhaps the greatest example is demonstrated during Orochimaru’s failed assassination attempt on Itachi Uchiha. If Kabuto had not intervened in favor of the Sannin, it is likely that Itachi would have killed him and spared his brother’s corrupting influence.

5 Weakness: Kabuto’s overconfidence is a big blind spotnaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 5

Due to Kabuto’s tendency to underestimate his opponents, he is often caught off guard in battle. Perhaps the most prominent example is that of the battle between the Legendary Sannin, in which he attacked Naruto for protecting Tsunade.

Not only did he not take into account Naruto’s regeneration factor, but he forgot that, as a student of Jiraiya, the young man mastered the Rasengan. As a result, he was significantly injured in their battle after Naruto connected a blast of energy to the center of his stomach and knocked him back.

4 Strength: Kabuto has a formidable healing factornaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 6

Although Kabuto’s overconfidence is a serious problem, he makes up for it with an incredible healing factor. Her abilities as a medic ninja not only allow her to heal wounds, but she has also been infused with Karin’s Uzumaki DNA to optimize and explore her upper limits.

Kabuto’s healing factor played an important role in his battles against Naruto and Sasuke, allowing him to dodge their signature attacks, although in the case of the former, not without great effort.

3 Weakness: Kabuto bases his identity on Orochimaru so much that his mentor lost interest in himnaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 7

After spending years with Orochimaru, Kabuto tried to perfect his master’s art and become more like him. Over time, they even shared the same albino skin and iconic purple lined eyes.

Not only does this prevent Kabuto from exploring what he is capable of on his own merits, such as the chakra scalpel, it even discourages Orochimaru himself. That is why he devoted most of his attention to Sasuke long after abandoning his ambitions to claim the young man’s body. The Sannin did not want to see more of himself; I found it boring.

2 Strength: Kabuto is smart enough to evade almost any pursuernaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 8

Kabuto is just as talented at avoiding his pursuers as he is at infiltrating their ranks. This was evident as early as the original series, where he got rid of Team 7’s dogged attempts to get Sasuke back and even the Anbu Black Ops.

Most impressive, it remained hidden in a cavern for most of the Fourth Shinobi War after capturing Anko for anticipating her whereabouts. Considering the enormous amount of resources invested in his subjugation, Kabuto’s affinity for evading justice is impressive.

1 Weakness: Kabuto is a terrible military commandernaruto las 5 mayores fortalezas de kabuto y sus 5 peores debilidades 9

Kabuto was a completely lousy military commander. Despite having obtained the remains of the greatest ninjas in history – including Pain, Itachi, and even Madara Uchiha – he lost his greatest assets almost instantly.

Worse still, his arrogance led him to allow his subjects to maintain their consciences while they fought. Although the aim of this idea was to demoralize their enemies, it also allowed the slaves of the Edo Tensei to inform their opponents of the best way to defeat them. Kabuto was so caught up in his own brilliance that he didn’t realize the obvious flaws in his strategies.