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Kana only makes otaku happy lately. After the release of the film’s soundtrack One Piece Stampede we continue in the musical sphere with two vinyls containing the openings and endings from Naruto : Naruto Best Collection.

The release, initially scheduled for February 9, of these vinyls has just been postponed and we have just heard the news in a tweet from Kana. In fact, we still have to wait until 30 mars 2022 to be able to get their hands on these discs.

So what do we already know about these works? Thus, in the case of vinyl, both sides will obviously be playable. Phase A will be dedicated to openings as for phase B, logically, will contain the endings from the anime. Attention, it is important to specify that these vinyls will only contain the credits of the anime Naruto and not naruto shippuden.

Also, I keep pointing out that there will be two different vinyls, so what will be the differences? First the colors of the two albums, one will be in the image of Naruto and therefore orange, and the other will wear the colors of Sasuke namely blue. That being said, you will have to be quick if you want to get your hands on these nuggets because they will only be released in very limited editions: 300 copies will be put on the market for the Sasuke version and 1000 copies for the Naruto version.

In addition, here are the titles that these little nuggets will contain:

Face A :

  1. Haruka Kanata / Asian Kung-Fu Generation (OP2)
  2. Kanashimi wo Yasashisani / little by little (OP3)
  3. GO!!! / FLOW (OP4)
  4. Seishun Kyosokyoku / Sambomaster (OP5)
  5. No Boy, No Cry / Stance Punks (OP6)

Face B :

  1. Wind / Akeboshi (ED1)
  2. Viva Rock / Orange Range (ED3)
  3. ALIVE / Raiko (ED4)
  4. Mountain A Go Go Too / Captain Stridum (ED7)
  5. Nakushita Kotoba / No Regret Life (ED9)

So get ready from March 30, 2022 if you want to own one of these two albums that otakus are going to snatch up!

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