Naruto: Kawaki’s New Journey

In the last episode of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations, Kawaki takes its first steps in a new ninja journey! The anime weaves its way through a series of original story arcs after the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, and kicked off with a new round of Chunin Reviews to help bolster the forces of the Hidden Leaf Village for any potential threats. future. One of the most interesting common threads that came out of this was that Kawaki was one of those who witnessed the final tournament unfolding.

The Chunin Exam final saw some of the biggest games between the young Genin, and while Kawaki seemed to lose interest in it all, it seems some of the young ninja’s efforts were enough to pierce his skin. hard. Kawaki has revealed that he wants to start his own ninja journey and become a true Genin in the future. Considering that Kawaki has let its guard down since becoming part of the Uzumaki family, this is another important step in the right direction.

Episode 226 of the series ends the Chunin exams and crowns the next round of Chunin promotions following the announcement of the winners. Kawaki seems to lose interest once again (but still manages to get Shinki’s attention from Sand Village), but Naruto speaks to him towards the end of the episode. He was the one who made Kawaki watch in the first place, and he wanted to know how Kawaki reacted to what he saw. Kawaki reveals he felt uncomfortable after seeing them fight so desperately that they don’t want to win or lose, and seems to brush it off at first .

But it’s after that that he opens up even more, as Kawaki then says it wouldn’t be so bad to start things off as a real Genin, and it definitely catches Naruto’s attention. With the anime exploring new stories that weren’t seen in the manga, Kawaki could begin his own ninja missions and join a real team, which could be a way to flesh out his first trip as a member. from the village of the hidden leaf and trigger something bigger for the future.