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11/12/2022 14:31

naruto has been around for decades, and the hero has amassed a loyal following of fans. From his debut as a genin to his last as Hokage, the manga and anime star is one of the greatest characters to ever emerge from Shonen Jump.

light of a recent anime milestone, Naruto made headlines this year like never before, and it looks like Shueisha will have another big countdown in 2023, thanks to a weird countdown.

The update comes straight from the official Naruto Twitter and left anime fans confused.

As you can see below, a seven-day countdown has begun on social media and it will be a global announcement.

After all, the countdown has released posters promoting iconic destinations around the world, including Brazil. We see a photo of Rock Lee and Guy at the Iguau Falls.

See below.

What’s next for Naruto?

According to this countdown, the event will include at least Japan, France, Brazil and the United States.

More posters may be on the way, but for now, fans are curious about these global locations.

After all, the anime just celebrated its 20th anniversary and there are a lot of rumors about a remake of some sort.

Of course, Shueisha and Studio Pierrot haven’t said anything about such an ongoing project.

Fans everywhere would love to see the series return in some form, but the focus of this countdown has led to another theory. After all, anime world tours have become popular over the past decade and perhaps Naruto is brewing.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what Naruto has in store. An announcement is expected on December 17.

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