Naruto: Legendary Sannin Tsunade Trains To Become Hokage Again In This Amazing Cosplay

One of the series that is also loved by anime fans is Narutowhich despite the fact that the story ended a few years ago, gave way to a new generation of ninjas, but it is impossible to forget those characters who contributed too much and who were part of the Fourth Ninja War, as was the old Tsunade.

Tsunade is known for being one of the legendary Sannin, as well as being one of the kunoichi stronger, but that’s not all, since she is also part of the Ninja Medical team and is one of the best. Therefore, one cosplayer paid homage to him.

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Russian, Pechka_svch shared an incredible version of this character, who seems to be training again to become the Hokage and return as the Fifth of the Hidden Leaf Village in the anime story of Naruto.

Source: Instagram @pechka_svch

As you can see, the artist very well recreated this character, who is already old, but who has managed to deceive with his appearance by looking incredibly young. Now we know that the jutsu doctors are very efficient for women.

She could be doing something jutsu doctor, while wearing the Hokage hat, which combines very well with her hairstyle with two pigtails and blonde hair, in addition, she always used her green clothes, which went perfectly with the little one Diamond from his forehead.

It is a fact that she is ready to return, since she was one of the most recognized leaders, making decisions during a difficult time for the ninjas of that village and she was the most suitable to take the reins after the death of the third.

What do you think of this cosplay Tsunade’s Naruto? Do you want me to return as the Fifth Hokage?


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