Naruto Live Action recreates the end of the Uchiha clan

Itachi is not as bad as he seems.

There are many memorable scenes in the Naruto series, but few can be on the level of those set during the Uchiha Massacre. This dark day has haunted the franchise since its inception, and Sasuke finds himself in a stride that has affected him even as an adult. For years, the Uchiha Massacre and Itachi have gone hand in hand, as the fan community was outraged at the boy’s involvement in the crime. And now, an emotional short film from RE:ANIME puts a surprising but exciting twist on the massacre.

The video, as you can see above, introduces us to the Uchiha Massacre in a way we’ve never seen. The short lasts just a few minutes, however, something unexpected happens: the scene confronts Itachi with his most feared opponents, his own parents. Naruto fans who have closely followed the series will remember quite well the conversation Itachi had with his mother and his father before being forced to kill them, and RE: ANIME has adapted it perfectly in the live-action format. .

Who makes this short of Itachi with his parents possible?

In said story, Itachi is shown shadowing through Kento Matsunami as he prepares to beat up his parents., despite her tears and the pain this causes her. Nobuaki Shimamoto represents Itachi’s father while his mother is played by Chikako Fukuyama. In the end, fans can even hear Sasuke as the young man’s voice is done by Rie Yoshida in this amazing Naruto short.

From her framing to her impeccable performance, this quiet but emotional scene reflects quite well the kind of turmoil Itachi faced during the Uchiha Massacre. Naruto may have portrayed the ninja as a villain when he began, however fans know the narrative changed course when Naruto: Shippuden ended. Itachi’s massacre was carried out out of mercy, as his clan was plotting to overthrow the Hidden Leaf. To save his town and his people, Itachi was forced to kill his clan, with his little brother as the only exception to this fateful decision. And so far, fans can better understand his harrowing plan in a new way thanks to the RE:ANIME short.

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