Naruto: Luna makes us fall in love with Hinata’s cosplay

And here we are again in one of your favorite sections, yes we talk about the Cosplay section, we are back to bring you many more great styles and works of different artists, because you already know that whether it is video games, anime, movies or comics, We will always bring a lot of content for you to enjoy your hobby.

We have found a new version cosplay of a beloved character from the anime Naruto, it is about Hinata, so we will talk about her within the series and some details so that you know her a little more, hinata hyuugathe eldest daughter of the leader of the Hyuga Clan.

This girl who was born to be the heiress of the main house of the clan, but she decided that her younger sister would be a better option, since she considered her weak, so for that same reason the girl had a difficult childhood, full of tragedies. from a young age, until he met Naruto.

A boy rejected by all, but who did not let that break his spirit, and contrary to that, he was determined to become the best of all the Hokagues in the history of his village, so shortly after meeting her, he protected her from an ambush by thugs looking to harm her, so she has since seen him as an example to follow.

Time turned her admiration into love, and after overcoming her own beliefs and prejudices, she managed to get up after her cousin knocked her down during a confrontation, and from different situations that put her at a constant disadvantage, as well Naruto He declares his love for her and says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. That was the first time that Hinata manages to feel happiness, because her story from that moment changes forever.

She is Luna, a model and cosplayer who loves anime, you can find on her official Instagram profile as @lunasenpia, where she has almost 4 thousand followers, and many great cosplay jobs, which might interest you, because she always manages to get her sweeter and more charming version. We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, and please continue on eGames News.