Naruto: Madara Uchiha becomes a character from Dragon Ball, One Piece and Kimetsu no Yaiba in this fanart

Madara Uchiha, from the manga and anime Narutohas become one of the most representative villains in the industry, which is why an amateur artist has decided to make different versions of the villain shinobiimagining him as a character from other popular series like dragon ball, one piece Y Kimetsu no Yaiba, among other.

The illustration has been made and shared by @gabristyle_ through his instagram account, showing Madara as a Saiyan, pirate, demon hunter or professional hero, placing him as one of the protagonists of some of the most popular shonen of recent times. years.

As we can see below, this fan art has managed to capture in a great way the essence and appearance of Madara, changing the animation style that we saw in Naruto for that of other works such as Bleach, My Hero Academia, Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, Dragon Ball Y Kimetsu no Yaiba. Without further ado, we leave you the art for you to enjoy:

Image: @gabristyle_ / Instagram

It is also striking that the artist created a version of Madara with the animation style of the acclaimed series. Adventure Timefrom Cartoon Network, in addition to presenting his own interpretation of the villain.

Without a doubt, it is more than interesting to see a character of Madara’s power with the style of other great animes, since it allows us to better imagine what a confrontation against characters of the stature of Goku, Luffy or Ichigo would be like. Which of these illustrations was your favorite?

What do you think of this fan art from Naruto which features Madara Uchiha in different anime styles?


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